Text set off in this manner indicates that failure to followdirections in the warning could result in bodily harm or death. Page MaintenanceFigure Page TroubleshootingTable Page 31 IntroductionLibrary Controller BoardThe library controller board contains a single microprocessor and associated logicdevices to control all robotics operations and manage overall library functions. Note that amail slot is reserved for the first tape cartridge slot in a left-hand magazine, andcan be password protected or fully disabled. Page TroubleshootingRunning Library Diagnostic TestsUse the following procedure to run internal tests of library functions. Click Execute the Move.

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Page 65 Library Configuration3.

For more information, refer to the order formprovided with the library, as well as the Bar Code Label Requirements,Compatibility and Usage white paper available fromhttp: In thiscase, the library appears to be operating normally, but no data can beinterchanged, or performance is poor. If an ,sl5000 message appears that is not included in Table 11, write down thefault code number and follow the recovery procedure. Stacked libraries are interconnected through their rear panel Ethernetconnections to a supplied LAN hub that mounts to the rack enclosure.

HP StorageWorks MSL5000 Tape Library

The left-hand AC power receptacle is for the bottom power supply. MaintenanceAutomatically Running a Cleaning CartridgeYou can configure the library so that it automatically runs the cleaning cartridgemode.


In addition to the information provided in this section, refer to the documentationprovided with your media for more information.

Backplane expansion board Page Remote Management InterfaceAccessing the Remote Management InterfaceTo access your library remotely, the library must be in the ready mode to establishcommunications with the Remote Management Interface.

Flex ca ble kit FSCs are listed in Table 11 on page Examine the library Status screen to make sure that the cleaningcartridge has been unloaded from the tape drive to the reserved slot.

Bus errors caused by excessive length or poor quality cables can significantlydegrade performance and reliability.

Fully tighten the rear rail screws. Page MaintenanceAutomatically Running a Cleaning CartridgeYou can configure the library so msl5000 it automatically runs the cleaning cartridgemode.

Mechanical spare parts exploded view two-drive 5U models. OperationFront Panel and Media Security LocksThe following security features are available to help you avoid accidentalinterruption of library operation. Spares for L TO Ultrium 3 ta pe drives do not offer hot-plug capab ility.

The MoveMedia option lets you remove a cartridge from a tape drive, a data slot in anymagazine, or a mail slot in a left-hand magazine.

Robot with bar code reader The library moves the shuttle assembly to the parked position before poweringdown. Msl50000 cable kit Control panel board 5U, auto po wer on.


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If not, thenunload it to the mail slot using the Move Media menu option from the libraryStatus screen. Unexpected state or hardware status. Be sure to keep and store all shipping materials from your MSL Series tapelibrary for potential future use. Graphics and text messages, along with theirfunctions, are described in this section. For two-drive models, the lowestnumbered tape cartridge slot 2 is the one closest to the front of the left-handmagazine. A discharge of static electricity froma finger or other conductor can damage system boards or other static-sensitivedevices.

Mail Slot AccessThis option controls access to the mail slot and mediaremoval.

HP StorageWorks MSL Tape Library | MAGNEXT

On four-drive models, solenoids restrict access to the selectedmail slots. You can also use a higher level password to gain access to a lower level operation. Tape dri ve,Librafy TO Ultr ium 3 not shown 3. Solenoid latch set Remote ManagementInterface5Many of the same operations performed from the front panel can also beperformed remotely using the Remote Management Interface.