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The main self-ser- vice stores serving the acres of tower blocks are dingy, empty of meat and vodka, sur- ronnded by queues. Consumer spending forecasts, Staniland Hall Associates.

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Mr Gumbaridze, who was briefly head of the KGB in the republic, has clearly recog- nised that be cannot resist the wave of nationalism aroused Mafia hunter beats bomb plot By John Wyies PALERMO’S most celebrated Mafiosi hunter, Mr Giovanni Falcone, appears to have been the target of an assassination plot involving sub-aqua divers and a remote-controlled bomb mAdP of 68 sticks erf gelignite.

All the major political par- ties are aiming to trim the defi- cit by around two per cent of national income over the cabinet period. In Eastern it may also end in U.

Photographed atthe award winning Xdhey Court, Wigan. Foster, as 1 do. It follows the southern and western borders of that District up to the river Ganges. You have nothing to lose but your yokes! But that is a mythic fear. A key position has arisen in its expanding Corporate Advisory Group for a recently qualified lawyer.

But a merger is not in itself a business strategy. Bankers advising on the sale also fear investors would demand a steep discount in the price of National Power’s shares if they thought that they were exposed to signifi- cant nuclear risks.


The first specimen is a short passage from the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Miners at 11 of the 13 pits in Vorkuta, also hit by last month’s strike, had voted at a meeting late on Friday to stop work again in protest at a fail- ure by management to give them details of the package that ended last month’s disrup- tion.

Mr Shfinhuber, profiting from. Bat there is a window of opportunity open in South Africa now.

Full text of “Linguistic Survey Of India – Vol – V – Part – Ii (indo-aryan Family Eastern Group)”

The following specimen of the dialect is a translation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. We just want to be left alone anti the killing to stop.

Last year it presented commercial accounts for the first time and the year before it published for the first time a p roperty valuation. Bregenz offers multiple casts for its crowded Wagner srhcdnig; mis this occa- sion I caught Robert Hale Vanderdecken.

This is also Bihan. The first relates to invest- ment The property Investing institutions have for the most part ppr201 this sort of renewal project as too risky.

When used as part ol an Intruder alarm ;r201. There are other minor differences between the three dialects, but the above are those which are most characteristic and striking. In Bihari and Bengali, the sign of the future tense is the letter 6. The companies, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Matsushita, among others, are expected within weeks to gave formal under taking s to wanitain their EC export prices at normal lev- dir, wud Co mmissio n offiriaia- TMs will bring to an end a two-year Commission inquiry into an extremely sensitive product far the EC electronics industry.


There are many forms of the obliqne plural.

That is, the current surge of industry activity started in L on don and the south-east and then spread o utw ar ds as devel- opers scented the possibility of higher returns in a growing economy. Do you think that’s symbolic?

But the Caribbean states, which say they do not object to tbe expansion of the ACP. Mr Pohl’s comments repre- sented a strong defence against any possible moves to tamper with the Bundesbank’s monetary autonomy.

Fifly-flve per cent of fund managers polled believe that there is 50 per cent enw more surplus capacity in the UK research basin ess. The Smetana is by no means an unexpected choice, for it fol- lows in a long tradition of Ger- man interest in tbe opera.

Mis father him a-distance-from seeing great dukh paolak ; a-kar bap apan chhawata-kc dekhi-ke dauri Jai-ke sorrow felt; his father oton child seeing running coming gbScbay dhari-ke chuma khaolak.