The top end cards that we have available now can drive most applications at x resolutions with differing amounts of quality settings enabled. It also gets hot. That likely will change once the new generation of products hit the streets. Do you happen to have one available? Because it has to use a two wire digital output from the original source, it cannot do 8 channel LPCM or bitstream HD audio. Video playback with PureVideo HD works as advertised. October 28,

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This means a few more dies per wafer, but mm squared is still awfully large. I’m trying to find a second one for SLI, but can’t seem to find one for sale anywhere. Steve Klein steveklein4 comcast.

Video playback with PureVideo HD works as advertised. Latest News Latest Videos. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. It had few problems with the majority of applications at x with varying amounts of AA thrown in. While it is the fastest single chip board out there, it still falls down a bit when faced with either a SLI or CrossFire setup.

A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. It is not Ft. In fact, it is likely the most tangible of upgrades, as the results of upgrading a video card can be seen with smoother frame rates and increases in resolution and levels of AA in our favorite gaming applications. The slight overclock did not affect stability, and the tad of extra performance was appreciated.


The GTb is the 55 nm shrunk version of the GT, and the changes to the design are minimal as compared to the older 65 nm version. Even if it’s used, I would be interested. This is a half-node shrink from 65 nm, but TSMC was able to include a few new material advances at that node which have helped in overall power consumption.

Remember the briefcase sized boxes that were introduced with the GeForce series? The card was impressive to say the least. October 28, With that in mind, I would still wait a few weeks before purchasing this or any other GTX card. Gaming with this card provides an excellent experience.

Plus the benefits of a new, high end video card cannot be easily argued away. It has no problem with all sorts of video formats. I cannot give an answer to that, simply because I msii not superpipr. Knox, but pretty close. When I was writing at my previous site, I rarely had the chance to get my hands on the latest and greatest video cards.


MSI NGTX SuperPipe OC – graphics card – GF GTX – 1 GB Overview – CNET

Only a couple of apps really caused it to struggle, but if a user has a monitor with a max resolution of x, suprpipe likely will never see any issues with running at all settings maxed out except of course Crysis. Home Reviews News Forums. That likely will change once the new generation of products hit the streets.

The GTX is a very fast, and well balanced card. The big question that we all will be asking in a few weeks is how this card will compete with the upcoming DX 11 products from AMD?

MSI N285GTX SuperPipe OC – graphics card – GF GTX 285 – 1 GB

It is a big chip and it is power hungry. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. At max the GTX pulls around watts. It is fabricated at the 65 nm node, and it is around mm squared in size. Is Topre Realforce the Realthing?

Even if it’s used, I would be superrpipe.