Because I am guessing in this setup, really do not need windows right now for anything so I get a new hard drive and copy the damaged drive info to it using this sataraid set up? It did not recognize the drive. Thinking I had to install a new drive no matter what, I bought a new sata drive and went into the array setup and was able to add it as a drive and recognize it. Mas with the drive model listed which is the bad drive I want to access, the capacity of the drive which is correct and Assignment N. Can I install drives with a disk or usb stick? Thanks again for all the help.

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Mas with the drive model listed which is the bad drive I want to access, the capacity of the drive which is correct and Assignment N. de,ta

run sata hard drive on K7N2 Delta series

Yes, we know she’s hot! Plugged it into the SER1 on my board and booted up. In device manager it shows a Promise device SCSI disk device which is the drive and says working properly but does not treat it as a drive where I can access it to take a look at the files on it even though it says it is working properly.

Instead of trying to get it to work in your PC there is another option. You will need to set up single drive RAID 0 array.


All times are GMT Like always, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. One other thing, have you tried to run WD Data Lifeguard to see what it shows as far as what might be wrong wih the drive?

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It is said max GB, but if it can handle that it dela be able to handle bigger disks, too. Do not have the floopy that came with board although i did buy it new and would not matter because I do not have a floopy drive attached to machine.

So no worry about re-formating the damaged drive before I get the info from it. I assume this would be under integrated peripherals.

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Any thoughts on this or do you feel after doing as you suggest it will not ask me to re-format drive? The time now is Also took note the drive while mmsi into power was very warm to the touch. Dec 30, Posts: I did not mention that the error I get from the wifes computer is during boot up the warning is S.

Thank you so much for staying swta me on this.

If I disabled this on her computer could the disk possibly boot up windows dellta me to transfer some things before it goes bad for good? I’ve searched here as well, but it seems to only let me setup as raid 0 or 1.

But keep in mind what you want to do with the second drive if it will be a RAID 0 Array its better to define this array with two drives first, bevor installing Windows otherwise you will have data loss.


Am I correct on all this? I don’t see any info on this in the manual, and I have searched extensively today trying to get answers.

Will give it a go and report back.

I just need to get it working so I can try a few programs I have to extract data off of bad hard drives. Joined May Posts 5. And what you found is the controller, which seems to work well.

It is in the manual, but you will need to refer to the separate included manual for the Promise is that it? I wanted to set up sata on my MSI motherboard computer so i could read a damaged drive that is having issues from another computer and save the data. Jan 7, Posts: But you can do slipstream XP installation disk and to include the necessary drivers.

The size wouldn’t be a problem. Fri Mar 12, 8: Under define sataa it gives first line as array 1 and then you select the Raid Mode, total drives capacity and status for the array 1.