It can also be potentially dangerous to play your headsets at high volume while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings. You may also like. Supports 8 levels of subfolders, folders total and up to files at one time. Randomly play all tracks in the folder and stop. If the latest firmware version is currently on your player, you do not have to upgrade.

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Set to “0” for OFF. When the upgrade is finished, your flash player will power off automatically.

iriver iFP MB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Trending Price New. Use the or ppayer to adjust time. Automatically turns power off after a fixed time. My wife and I both bought the MB versions then got these smaller ones for her sisters birthdays. Select the Frequency step to set using the II switch. Insert a fresh battery.

Listen to your files on the PC to see if they are corrupted. The Giant Squid mic is specially wired so that the iRiver will not record in stereo but mono.


iRiver iFP Red ( MB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

You really do get about 40 hrs batt life. It may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in some areas.

This MB digital media player allows you to save a myriad of recordings and albums for access at any time thanks to its considerable data storage capacity.

Fip-890 download of MP3 file Check the condition of the battery.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Other OS can’t format the player properly. Show less Show more. This MB digital plyer player is very small, so you can stow it hidden away inside your backpack or jacket.

iRiver iFP-890 Red ( 256 MB ) Digital Media Player

You can adjust the sound to your preference. Button operation order is as below. You may also like. When Sound Balance bar is moved to L Left, 20 ,the sound outputs at the left earphone. The amount of silence the player will use to determine when a track has ended and to start plaayer new file.

Set the relative level of sound needed to activate the recorder. If the latest firmware version is currently on your player, you do not have to upgrade.


When the lever is moved to R Right, 20 the sound outputs at the right earphone. Convenient for recording but needs special software I use this unit to record backup audio, not as a playback unit. To skip to previous track or previous FM station. The player will quickly scan through each frequency and stop at the next station that can playr in. Check your player’s firmware version which is shown when mp power on the player.

Remove dead battery immediately to avoid damage from corrosion. NOTE Volume can not pplayer controlled while recording. Randomly play all tracks in the folder and stop.

You can set from 0 to PC software installation PC software installation If the installation doesn’t automatically begin, execute the “setup. This will allow you to hear outside sound and to be considerate of the people around you.