Smartphone or Dedicated Recorder? For tablets, if they have a USB cable of attaching peripherals like a mouse or keyboard, they could power some USB mics directly. I think in many cases, people with smartphones would save themselves time and money by just using a device designed for sound recording. Note that the power to these microphones is pretty low, so they are probably not capable of recording quiet or distant sounds without adding a lot of microphone noise. However, not all devices will support USB audio. True Digital USB 2. Have you tried the Sony recorder app?

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Audio Recording With a Smartphone – Wild Mountain Echoes

Along these same lines, one obvious option not mentioned so far for shooting video with an external mic is to use two smartphones. I recommend FilMic Pro app for the most control. Right and Left refer to headphone output. If you already have a microphone with a 3.

There appear to be a lot of problems with Bluetooth microphones connecting with smart phones, in terms of microphone and signal quality. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. Compare with similar items. The sound is quite good from just your phone!

Motorola i465 QWERTY iDEN handset: uniquely ugly

These are both mics designed for iPhones and iPads? How wonderful it would be if a programming project could be undertaking, producing recording and other audio software, either pro-bono or with iTunes-like pricing. Bluetooth Isb Recorder — few users: I would make sure that any equipment you buy is returnable, as it might not work or you might not like the results.

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From a stereo mixer connected to a pair or more microphones makes concert recording a reality. For this, you need a microphone capable of transmitting a Bluetooth signal motorolw an app capable of receiving the signal. Bluetooth Recorder — new: And if anyone should produce such a device which incorporates a ii456 and or a telephone, what shortcomings would be evident in the latter if the major function is the former.

I would love to include some info on Windows phones. David, thank you for the feedback on O456 phones. It answers almost all my doubts! The video showing musicians playing in the subway sounds ok but bass frequencies are lost, thats why they didnt shoot a band, my guess. I have a question about some of the equipment.

Motorola Moto G XT1032 AC adapters

I cannot find this discussion anywhere on the web. You can now use that USB drive with your Android device. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website mltorola. My point is, let anyone do some decent recordings, we have the technology right now and is not always necesary to spend thousands of dollars in equipment, unless you want and you have it.

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I did not do any coding, just relied on cable interfaces and Android apps. Thanks for the input, Abner. I agree that we need much more development in the app department. Yes, it does seem like that.

Mltorola depends on what you are looking listening for and what type of phone you have. It is not possible to get a stereo input through the TRRS port. And my eyes still need a 15 inch screen at least, my new 7 inch chinese tablet usb works but is a pain in my eyes, unless I use it to record one long session to edit on computer later.

Especially problematic seems to be recording loud sounds, such as concerts, although even those capabilities are improving. I would like to use these mics, so I would need a micro-usb gadget for my Samsung Note1. Hi, the phone was built in ?

For compatibility reasons needs to work for normal headphones he seems to think that the pinout of j456 socket could be:. I rely on readers to provide info on devices that I cannot test.