Aspiring racers need one of two things to get behind the wheel of an F1 car: The 50 they listed are the ones who give a return on investment and you can build a brand on while not having to get a loan to do it. Sure, the smaller guys may have a harder road to travel, but that doesn’t mean they’re broke. But he likes to let loose and have fun too, he just doesn’t share it as much on social media as say a Wallace or Blaney so you don’t see get to see it as often. While his final run in the Chase was shorter than we would have liked, it was nice seeing him there one last time. The bad news is that Stenhouse and Bayne need a lot more consistency if they want to compete for wins and a spot in the Chase.

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Some of the bigger teams with large engineering and data-analysis operations sell their services to smaller teams who can’t or choose not to staff an army of engineers and data coaches.

Team Penske is fairly dominant in two series and that is something that should not be overlooked. He definitely takes racing itself very seriously. The most famous race in the world borrows IndyCar’s somewhat complicated economics system and takes it to a new level.

Slow And Steady At No.

How the crap nascxr JR not make the list. The Top Of The Ladder. Coming into they were the best team in regards to value but that will shift over to SHR in when they jump from Chevy to Ford. Teams also receive bonuses for winning the constructors’ championship, and for other competitive measures. Since those popular guys would have such a high initial cost there is no bang for the buck.


This lockbox is then doled out to the teams according to the terms of the last Concorde Agreement, a document signed by every F1 team in Harvick has now won in Phoenix on eight different occasions in his career.

Most shockingly, there are still others who have gone into debt in order to buy a seat, hoping that any prize money or sponsorship money they earn during the year will repay the loan. In he will look to rebound and get back into the Chase.

Show Me the Money: The Finances Behind Indycar, NASCAR, and Formula 1 – The Drive

No other team boasts four drivers in which they can say that about. However, other things come into play such as financial partners and things like HMS for example who builds engines for other teams which generates revenue. As a result, the series has slowly but surely lost some of the marketable appeal that attracted top-notch sponsors. On a side note, Chase isn’t quite as serious as he appears really.

For example, organizations like Team Penske and Chip Ganassi Racing are much more marketable than Hendrick Motorsportswhich, despite being perennial a NASCAR frontrunner, doesn’t have the same marketability as Roger and Chip, who both have teams in multiple series. In Earnhardt saw this season cut short die to concussion-like symptoms.

You don’t see many athletes with lawn gnomes either.

NASCAR’s Ten Most Valuable Teams And Highest Paid Drivers | FOX Sports

I’m pretty sure he’d have had plenty of sponsorship opportunities coming to the cup. Will Power claimed the biggest chunk of the awards, but even the last place finisher got a decent check. These clauses typically feature sliding percentages, in which a driver who finishes 15th and below might keep 30 percent of the prize money, 10th to 15th place keeps 35 percent, the top nine 40 percent, top five 45 percent, and a winning driver gets to keep half of the prize money.


NASCAR drivers also have to provide their own health and life insurance in order to protect themselves from costly hospital bills or possible death.

Per several drivers and other sources close to this matter, this is what actually happens: However, teams are somewhat protected by revenue share models that although can’t keep them fully afloat, helps keep some of the lights on. Some of it got posted on Snapchat.

Despite the downward slide in TV ratings and ticket sales, these exorbitant salaries are still generated in That consistency markdtable led to better finishes and wins along the way. Another two major streams of cash for the series are hefty TV rights contracts and headlining sponsors. Elliott’s ‘9 Days of Christmas’ underway December 10, But, it’s interesting to analyze the way he earned his money.

Behind the Shadowy Billion-Dollar Payouts of F1, NASCAR, and IndyCar

In they almost won the championship when Ryan Newman was one spot away on the track from winning the title. The success of the entire team comes into play as maretable as sponsorship deals and contracts. Talent is a distant third, maybe fourth cough Pastor cough Maldonado.