Apr 30, Posts: I’m using it daily, albeit only with one device. B Aforementioned air card usually occupies the slot most all of the time. Jan 10, Posts: To learn more about serial communication, products and support please go to www.

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A quick look at the gear that I use, everything has female DB9’s on it. I’m a Cisco engineer so am always in serial consoles.

MCS – USB to Dual Serial Controller | ASIX

A pair of serial servers work with two devices and cost 9 times as much. Nov 28, Posts: Sun May 08, 1: I agree, normally ExpressCard would be a great solution. Sep 16, Posts: Another feature is that a friendly name can be assigned to the converter making it easy to recognize. Most newer electronic devices can be connected and communicate with a computer by a USB cable, however many devices are still using the older type of communication protocol called serial RS or RS Get an FTDI based adapter.

LordAthens Ars Praefectus Tribus: These low-cost processor chips have limited compatibility with the majority of devices and the Microsoft Windows operating system. In my line of work I use serial on a near daily basis. Los Angeles, CA Registered: Feb 12, Posts: This converter UPort is a USB to 4-port RS serial converter which is identical to sefial UPortthe only difference is that this converter has 4 serial ports whereas the Uport has only 2 serial ports.


I have the Keyspan as well.

SUNIX – USB to I/O Adapter

If you are desperate you can use the libftdi driver for direct access, although that won’t work if you can’t modify the client application. Quatech make anything these days? DB9 – RJ45 adapter.

Thu May 05, 6: Apr 5, Posts: Wed May 11, 4: Yes, I agree a serial server would be the best option, but it’s also the most expensive. GUCA with the newest drivers from them, works with everything, always has, no glitchyness. I don’t get to play with a lot of networking gear that has serial on oprt, so maybe that’s my confusion.

Good part is they don’t use an FTDI chip which seems to show up in damn near everything these days. Thu May 05, 7: The added benefit is you can install the ethernet tk near the device and access it remotely.

Delock USB 2.0 to 4 x serial adapter

If you find a USB to Serial RS adapter with any one of these processor chips it will most likely be compatible with your device and any version of Windows, Linux and Mac, and you will be able to uzb install the drivers and communicate with your device. Tue May 03, 7: Not everybody follows the convention though.


It’s been rock solid so far, and frees you from being tethered to your serial device. Tue May 03, The driver’s up on Windows Update, so it’s just plug in, get driver, and go. Thu May 05, 2: Tue May 03, 8: