If you set your rollers on one of those, it will grab every time. Cutting stencils depends on the cutter. My questions are as follows. Is it quite easy? The only one machine you will need is a computer with Windows on it.

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Most cutters have a “gutter off to the right side facing the cutterand a spacer somewhere on cuutter the line. Feb 20, 3: Awesome I will have another play with it today and see what I come up with.

Titan 3 is a high quality and affordable choice for professional sign makers and do it yourself vinyl cutting enthusiasts. If so, if they can give me the info.

MH 721 Vinyl Cutter Beginners Value Kit w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro – Design & cut Software

The Rhinestone feature is an amazing tool to personalize your design with real stones. Mine is citter set to g of force and I could run my finger over the blade and barely feel it.


Share Share this post on Digg Del. We do not accept any International credit cards issued by Non-U. Dan, I have an old Roland Stika, but I think these are kind of generic questions.

If this is sign vinyl, the backing protects the “sticky” side from sticking to everything. Only had this cutter for about 6 months. Cutter everytime you cut sign vinyl you are actually creating a stencil.

We are sure you will love this transfer tape Lift-gate – Additional flat fee will be charged for lift-gate as follows: Hope this helps, E. Change knife offset, select the orientation cutting, Sort cutting object, increase the Final delivery will be made by the United States Post Office.

US Cutter | eBay

Simple Questions from a Beginner about Vinyl. Dan Make sure your rollers are on the rolling device.

How to install the blades? Vinyl Cutters Plotters and Transfers. I haven’t heard of the refine cutter, but if it’s anything like my roland cutter, it didn’t matter which way the blade was pointing when I installed.


This is a great all around blade. Customer will pay all shipping, customs duties, insurance, and any other applicable fees before shipment. It just like goes wacko on me. T-Shirt Crossover – diary of a heat press newbie.

MH Vinyl Cutter Value Kit w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro – Design & cut Software

It is against our Forum Guidelines. Sign vinyl when cut correctly weeds easily. The possibilities are endless! Need to Upload an Image? If you set your rollers on one of those, it will grab every time.

OK will see how I go over the weekend I have been so busy. January 31st, Dan Ok, here’s the trick Heatpress vinyl like thermoflex plus with the sticky mylar backing is much tougher to weed.