Just fill out this simple form to check: Having the ability to raise and lower your pump flow according to temperatures is something really cool indeed. The bigNG will be delivered by standard with four thin analogue sensors and two precise digital sensors. The bigNG can read up to 10 analogue sensors, 8 digital sensors, 2 flowmeters and the speed of 4 fans. In the permanent storage all the settings are stored and are saved also after restart.

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Popular Options Move right Move left. With our store offerings we strive to put together computer cases using the latest-greatest hardware that incorporates some of the coolest mods on the Net. You can choose per channel, if you want to drive analogue or not. Maximum answer length is Goal temperature control, stage, curve and manually. Read on to see how to keep your hardware cool while keeping the noise your PC makes to a minimum.

Those who have a T-Balancer, can attach the miniNG over the sensor bus and the configuration can be made optionally over the software. Be the first to ask a question about this product. Thus quiet running by means of analog control of the fans is combined with engine power by means of PWM. We find out if the sleek and stylish exterior houses an equally impressive product, or if the Kaze Master is all show and no go.


This way you can even connect water pumps or Peltiers.

You can configure temperature limits and speed curves with jumpers or with the T-Balancer and its software. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Don’t miss out on sale offers and product updates.

The manual you can download here. The mNG provides full output within the first 8 seconds after starting of the system, thus the start-up of the pump is ensured. Login Sign in Sign in.

We t-balanfer not match sites like Newegg, Amazon or any mass e-tailer. With the Extension Set analogue, the PC can also be shut-off in a case of emergency.

mCubed HFX T-Balancer MiniNG Review |

We do not guarantee we can price match if we feel the margin is a loss leader for a competitor. German brand shows off upgraded versions of Bit-tech’s favourite CPU coolers.

The world smallest and most advanced fan controller, their miniNG is basically a brain for your fans. Not available The T-Balancer range of fan controllers by mCubed t-balancfr a rather well-earned reputation of being conceptually excellent but hideously complex and uncompromising pieces of kit.

mCubed T-Balancer miniNG

Mcuhed the best 80mm and 92mm fan? The miniNG is a great little product that offers a lot of features in a tiny package, not only is it powerful, but it gives the user the ability to fully configure their cooling solutions. Features Ultimate fan controlling system Controls much more than just fans Built-in safety features.


It gives a possibility to run the fans at a much reduced speed without the risk of them stopping. If there are products you want to see reviewed then please email us! Sign up for price alert Price Match? Due to the high absolute accuracy of the digital sensors you can calibrate the rest of your system to it. T-balanceer see videos of all the latest products that mxubed reviewed by PPCS and our select reviewers please check the links that follow. Create an account Forgot your Password?

The mNG suits also perfectly as a controller for Laing pumps and other 12V pumps.

mCubed T-Balancer miniNG – Fan Controllers

Customer Service What’s the best mm case fan? You can choose whether you want to power each channel analog or with PWM. The bigNG will be delivered by standard with four thin analogue sensors and two precise digital sensors.