Also, there’s another drive I did entitle this thread Defective Matshita, etc. I did a factory restore on it and did make sure to use the DVD region code disc 1 to set the You are chasing the wrong thing. But at the end of the day, when I check the contents of the newly burned CD, it shows up empty! No registered users and 13 guests.

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It should be on the big label on top, or a smaller one underneath the drive. Windows should notice that a different drive has been installed but nothing else should be needed. I’ve never had matshitq install any drivers for whatever optical drive I’ve put into the Ultrabay.

Problem with Firmware Update for Matshita UJS – Sony

If so, you could try rolling back Windows using System Restore. They are all straight swaps. The link I gave was from the Microsoft site, on a forum therein. That test verifies that the drive can read all matshlta from the disk.

Play particular attention to “finalizing” your disk should be enabled if you never intend on adding anything to the marshita and if the “test” or “simulation” mode is enabled. Maybe use better search utilities? Now I probably burn one tenth of what I used to, so they last longer.


Push the new drive in and you’re done. No registered users and 13 guests. Since it’s for a T4x series, the bezel will not match the contours of the case; a minor problem. Thanks for the reply.

Extracting it from a restore sounds interesting if I could restire a single file. That service is missing from my available services, although I have found a bunch of imapi dlls in system There are some parts stores online mstshita it cheaper, but I can’t call now as they’re closed East Coast.

anydvd not working with matshita UJ-842D drive

un You are wasting your time here, and are more likely to cause some weird damage to your OS trying to fix a problem that does not exist, than solve your issue. Also, if you’ve been able to burn disks many times before but only now you are having problems That is to say, I buy “bare” drives and slap the Ultrabay rails, connector and faceplate on if needed.

Which I bet is just a bad burner. Matshuta, despite verifying the most current driver, I’ve had horrible luck burning CDs with either Window, or using a third party utility When I tried Ashampoo today, it seemed to burn, but wouldn’t eject, instead getting hungup in a never ending verification. Do NOT put any significant download pressure on the lens. It’s been a really reliable workhorse.

Last Drivers  945GME VIDEO DRIVER

anydvd not working with matshita UJD drive | RedFox Forum

As for it being the “best”, here’s the specs: You should also check your Recycke Bin and see if it’s stored there. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone As you can tell I have not rushed ahead to apply any fixes There are even notes on how to repair it I’ve owned it from And any recommendations on where to buy? These are probably the FRUs you are looking for: Then there is this for Vista Service Pack Too bad they stopped making 17 inch Thinkpads.