JPG Asus has taken it one step further with the GTX Platinum cooling solution, the heatsink is a remarkable blend of performance and aesthetics. The screenshots actually show higher overclocking MHz core , but stability wasn’t the best and the drivers crashed a couple of times over 8 hours of continuous testing. Matrix Retail Box back. The GDDR5 is also overclocked and comes stock at an amazing 4. Is it the same as the Direct Cu II? Looking at the box we first see a very powerful explosion as if the performance of this card can not be bound within the limits of its box. JPG Enough about the retail box, its accessories and their uses!

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iXBT Labs – ASUS MATRIX GTX P/2DIS/MD5 Graphics Card – Page 1: Intro, specs, design, cooler

The above picture shows us four open circuits, easily accessible and conveniently labeled. It has better power potential, improved power connectors two 8-pin instead of 6 and 8-pincustom power converter, better power-saving elements, especially in core circuitry.

This tool matrid also provide monitoring and other information about the card. The reliability of the video card has been improved with lower power component and board temperatures. Originally Posted by SoF. Safe Mode is very useful for Overclockers and trouble shooting in a time crunch.

ProbeIt — Instant voltage measurement! Matrix Retail Box packaged card. They call me Pro Asus Saaya yupp, I agree.

ASUS Matrix GTX580 (P/2DIS/1536MD5)

This is a very welcomed feature for hardware enthusiasts, think of it like the “Clear CMOS” on a motherboard. Speaking of dimensions, the cooler is very large, the card occupying as many as three expansion slots. Looking forward to future content. To the right of the TweakIt buttons are ten LED lights that display voltage status in a similar way the GPU load indicator operates, all 10 light will give a red light status indicating maximum voltage is being applied to the GPU core.

Last Drivers  107R SOUND DRIVER

I mean, how thick is it? If this is not disabled the cards internal fail safes will trip and protect the card from drawing too much power under load by shutting down the card. The Matrix heatsink acts as p/2dls/1536md5 graphics load indicator light blue lights on the Matrix logo represent a light load while red lights represent extreme work load conditions. Note that core overclocking is bound to raising voltage by default, and the utility increases voltage automatically at extreme overclocking to avoid damage.

Cooler The cooler features two heatsinks interconnected by heatpipes, two fans, and a heatsink for transistors. I find this back plate to very comforting as it helps eliminate deadly accidental short circuits or physically damaged components on the back of the card.

Physical voltage adjustment is very useful for increasing or decreasing GPU Core voltage while running a benchmark or when in need of a little extra gaming juice. GPU Tweak — Professional graphics overclocking tools for enthusiasts!

The accessories matrixx supplied by Asus includes several useful items. Last edited by V2-V3; at Additional information on the inside flap of the retail box informs us of the graphics cards specifications.


Power PWM Frequency refers to the switching frequency of power supplied to the graphics core. The GDDR5 is also overclocked and comes stock at an amazing 4. Matrix Retail Box back. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. The back plate also provides assistance in supporting the 11″ long PCB reducing component stress p/2dus/1536md5 limiting board flexibility.

Tweak, Game and Win with ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX580 Platinum graphics card

Asus has raised the bar once again by including a Safe Mode button for quick and easy operational restoration of a corrupted BIOS or failed flashing.

Memory chips do not have dedicated cooling which isn’t nice, especially given the total dimensions of the card. To the left of the 8pin plugs are the six ProbeIt voltage read points I discussed earlier.

For extreme users and ideally LN2 Overclockers the shorting of these circuits by use of solder, conductive pen or variable resistor allows the card to operate with Over Current Protection disabled. The very bottom circuit is a surprising and new mod for graphics cards.

PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.