If it is V4. If you do not have Mastercam X7 or later installed, you will also need to install the Wibu CodeMeter which can be found here. Let’s say you try to post out all of your 10 operations, however, only 2 of them post out. These downloads can be found here: Click on the mastercam-licensemanager.

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I had the same problem, the driver fixed it.

To use the Inspector Utility: Same error message as the original post. I’ve been running it now for 3 years.

Mastercam FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Mastercam Questions

Send any comments or questions to support mastercam. Mastercam X is not supported on Win 7 but so far no issues have come up. To correctly update the hasp, download the code file masterxam your computer, make sure the number on the hasp matches up with mawtercam number on the code file for example, for the code file below, the sim would have a number of Click on the haspx. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Welcome to eMastercam

This is a small utility used to gather information and diagnose basic Mastercam-related problems on a user’s system.

I was running both Mastercam 9. When you install Mastercam on your computer, you are installing every component of the system. How can we switch what machine we are using? Click on the mastercam-mt-nethasp-x By KdiverMarch 21, in Industrial Forum. I had this problem before when I first installed Mastercam X on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. Extract the contents of the. Zip2Go files are helpful for your resellers when it comes to tech support because a Zip2Go file.

Getting Mastercam X to find the HASP

To use this utility: I’ve been running this exact software on this exact system for years. I decided to clean up the machine and re-install the OS. After you hit enter you should masercam the notification below.

Once in the files page, click on “replace” and scroll through the machine list to find the correct machine you would like to use. Mastercam Activation Wizard Setup. Installing this and hap the HASP drivers via windows update Instead of having a SIM plugged into individual computers, you can manage the licenses over your network.


If it is V4. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. A prompt should pop up saying “select the entities to change the level of.

Follow the instructions given in the ‘info’ button of each download for install help. It shows Mastercam X and the dates show Unlimited.

The program allows the activation of Mastercam products using an activation code. If you have Mastercam X9 or Mastercam simply download the linking program to C: If you do not have Mastercam X7 or later installed, you will hadp need to install the Wibu CodeMeter which can be found here.

If your company is up to date on your maintenance contract, you can update your hasp for another year of maintenance.