Hi guys, got my cm11 with a serial and the usb cable from marmitek. The marmitek cm11 usb supports all the functions of. Built to terminate the original EZ-RJ45 connectors, which have been a staple in the industry for almost two decades, this crimp tool improves the trim and crimping processes of EZ-RJ45 connectors by using a single cycle crimp and flush trim. The original activehome software for the cm11a serial pc interface 3. He continues about the functionality: This heyu model supports extended type 0 functions 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, and 0x0b.

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After that it seems that some buffer is overloaded. Place only the HCB meterkast and one Marmiek device in the specific group and do some testing If this works add more devices and modules and do regular a test.

CM11 Computer Interface incl. ActiveHome Software – Home Automation Europe

Write a review on this product! I think the HCB is reacting differently and in your case more sensitive to disturbance in the powerline. Fixed a crash when attempting to xm11 a new module with the same address as a module in the trash can. It is pretty important that i have this particular function, but is the use of the cm11 asking for trouble.

On top of that the costs of Marmitek X are relatively low compared to other wire bus based home automation systems requiring extra wiring.


I’m considering buying a PMIX The Computer Interface fits between the AC outlet and the computer’s power plug. Of course without missing a single X10 event. Because X marmotek travel through the power line, we were still able to automate the house the way we planned it.

Make your X system invisible with Marmitek MicroModules | HomeToys

Switching on mxrmitek lights at set or varying times standard presence simulation, creating a home movie theatre, switching your outside lighting or having a fresh pot of coffee ready when you are woken up by the atmospheric lighting in your bedroom. One group in my house which is feeding the front living room seems unaccessible by the HCB.

The x10 activehome pro mqrmitek, in conjunction with the. Then it might be interesting to take a few minutes to read this story about Marmitek MicroModules.

X10 commander consists of two piecesa server piece which runs on your pcmaclinux and the client piece which runs on your iosandroid device.

Board index All times are UTC. I am not sure if it will work as the powerlink usb or not.

Regular X10 modules I used in my previous house make quite a lot of noise when they marmitej. That’s when the problem was discovered X10 brand model number cm11a activehome serial computer interface. Make your X system invisible with Marmitek MicroModules You know about the advantages of X Home Automation, but don’t want to have bulky plug-in modules in your wall outlets?

A command from a controller such as a mini controller normally operates a device directly, e.


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Besides I cannot always find the spare time to work on my x10 setup. On top of that the status on the computer is always reliable”. I am trying to get it to work with x10 kit that i have purchased but cannot get the cm11 controller working.

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Marmitek CM11 PC Interface 230v Active Home Automation Module

And yes, this dimmer module will also be as small as the other MicroModules. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. The interface can be set up via the windows software on the cdrom included with the interface. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of x10 usb activehome acpicompliant drivers.

I’m planning to extend my X10 setup. I guess I need some time to figure out what is exactly wrong and have to do some tests.