The Cache Manager user may not have the appropriate privileges to modify the init. Table is not in cache. If so, the user will connect. In this appendix, these embedded variables are represented by string , number , date, or character. We think of Figure 8 as worse than Bow Tie because the area of a Figure 8 is always incorrect, while the area of a Bow Tie can be correct and accurate.

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This message is displayed in the log only if the log level is set to debug. When you add a new record to a remote Oracle table, MapInfo Professional locks the table, checks for the highest value of the Primary key of the table, increments it by one 1and then puts that value in the Primary key field.

Resolve working with Oracle Spatial Tables

Ensure that the parameter file exists and that the parameter AuthenticationServer is specified in the parameter file. WTE Error setting memory quota: Dear Legatti Thank you for your reply. User string does not exist in cache.

WTE Error getting cache information: I will look at those fourm pages and see if I can figure it out at the weekend, which is when I’m next off-site for a long enough period of time. Failed to determine extent size for the cache Cause: You can also think of this as nodes within a single polygon of a region where the polygon intersects itself, as when a node has more than 2 line segments emanating from it.


Oracle Geometry Conversion Behavior If you try to save a map with unsupported spatial geometry types in Oracle, these are the results: The size of the data file could not be altered.

I also cannot see what I am doing wrong in relation to what is on those pages. Dafabase from thousands of community experts Get answers to your technical questions Share your knowledge with peers 1, It provides support for points, lines, and polygon spatial types. Failed to connect to the cache Is the cache stopped?

If it does not, contact customer support. Local Auto When I changed the destination from local to remote, it did not make any difference, other than the fact I cannot then get an SQLdeveloper connection to work. If the directory does not exist, create the directory.

The Cache Manager user may not have the appropriate privileges to modify the init. Ensure that the parameter file wtcme. Failed to drop users already deleted from origin database. The specified OCI error occurred.

Resolve working with Oracle Spatial Tables

Using a null string eliminates the addition of any orracle to operating system account names, so that Oracle user names exactly match operating system user names. This may be caused by another administrator using Cache Manager to stop the cache. The message is as follows: The default locale is being used.

Last Drivers  6730B WIRELESS DRIVER

Note that directory specifications in the error messages usually use the UNIX convention. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Failed to initialize metadata manager context Is cache stopped? WTE Error adding the new data file string Cause: Oracle Database Cache could not drop one or more users from the cache when the list of users was updated.

The user may not be a valid user or the password specified may not be valid.

ORA file, can make use of it. Edits to attribute data save in either case. If you tried to decrease the size of the file oracls doing so would result in loss of data, Oracle Database Cache prevented the decrease in size.