M5120 AS-D777 DRIVER

Therefore, resume operation after removing the cause without fail. Command signal This flag is used when the speed change is specified at the pass point of the constant speed control. Fetched every operation cycle Note. However, with respect to item b , monitoring is possible with the exception of the encoder current value. If you desire the after service abroad, please register with Mitsubishi. Control with the

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Do not get on or place heavy objects on the product.

BE Brake transistor alarm detection E. Dummy no need to set 2 Second block b15 b8 b7 b0 Control mode Cam No. Magnitude comparison result output device Result: Q bus error 2 As–d777 the unit according to user’s manual, or the instruction manual for the product you are using in a place where the weight can be withstood.

Because a-sd777 search for the current value in 1 cam shaft revolution is always conducted from the beginning of a cycle, beware of cases where the same stroke ratio appears more aas-d777 once in the cycle. The servo amplifier power is off. However, if the servo motor for the output module which is connected to the virtual servo motor is operated while power is OFF, continuation will become ad-d777 even if the absolute position system is being used. This is used for operation in which the main shaft is switched or when the same drive module is used as auxiliary input to control all blocks.

Limit switch output mode The default is 1: Normal a When an error occurs, the ERR. Besides, the setting value for slippage in-position range is set outside the range during virtual mode operation, a minor error [] of output module will occur, and it controls as a setting value “0”.

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Set an even number as the first device. M120 addition, when setting data in the sequence program for that device, always use the DMOV P command. Device input timing Module Item Roller Torque limit value setting device Ball screw Torque limit value setting device Rotary table Torque limit value setting device Current value within 1 virtual ad-d777 revolution storage device Main shaft side Current value within 1 virtual axis revolution storage device Auxiliary input axis asd777 Input Refresh device device Real Virtual mode switching cycle mode operation Input for every operation cycle.

When a major output module error occurs, that system’s clutch will be switched OFF and all connected output modules will stop. When the rapid stop deceleration time has elapsed after input of the forced stop signal, the feed current value returns to the value at the point when the emergency stop was initiated.

The special registers used for positioning are shown below. Installing module is normal The module information at the power supply on and after the m5102 supply injection are always checked, and errors are detected. Servo error reset is only effective in the REAL mode. Some devices used in the program have fixed applications, so use these with the conditions specified in the instruction manual.

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Do not stack products past the limit. To start m1520 positioning operation, eliminate the error cause, and either switch the power back ON as-d7777 execute a servo system CPU reset. The ratings and characteristics of the system parts other than control unit, servo amplifier, servomotor must be compatible with the control unit, servo amplifier and servomotor.


Signal Direction Refresh Cycle Fetch Cycle Preset number of axes Note-1 Preset number of axes Note-1 1 to 8 9 to 18 19 to 32 1 to 8 9 to 18 19 to 32 1 to 12 13 to 24 25 to 32 1 to 12 13 to 24 25 to 32 3. Without a speed change gear at the output side of the differential gear. This mode permits the synchronous control for conventional positioning by main shaft, gear, and cam, etc. Once positioning to point 1 begins, M-code 10 is output and the M-code output in progress signal goes ON.


ASUS M /AS-D user’s manual(Simplified Chinese) (中文, 中文(简体)) – page 41

When positioning data is designated indirectly, an error will occur if the designated data violates the prescribed range. After maintenance and inspections are completed, confirm that the position detection of the absolute position detector function is correct. Details of servo errors are given in Table Allowable travel while the power is OFF cannot be set. Monitor device This signal is used to store the information used as a real mode axis at the time of switching from real mode to virtual mode.

Switching request to the real mode by turning the M off. Deceleration to stop 1 Designate a speed which will not cause an overrun.