Human and mouse SAAs bind retinol. For cholesterol competition assays, saturating concentrations of retinol were added to hSAA1, mSAA1, and mSAA3, and fluorescence quenching was monitored by emission at nm. Given the role of SAA as an acute phase protein , what are the consequences of induction during non-infectious inflammation e. SAA4 circulates at concentrations that are markedly lower than those observed for SAA1 and 2 following acute infection de Beer et al. Statistics Statistical differences were calculated by the unpaired two-tailed Student’s t test or Mann—Whitney test using GraphPad Prism software. Figure 2—figure supplement 1. We were unable to obtain mSAA3 crystals with the bound retinol ligand as retinol is highly unstable Barua and Furr, and the crystals required several weeks to grow.

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Serum amyloid A is a retinol binding protein that transports retinol during bacterial infection

KAR, Acquisition of data, Analysis and interpretation of data. Further, although the figure shows that the average values are similar, close inspection reveals that the errors are slightly different. Note that oral supplementation of retinoids is problematic as retinoids are notoriously labile and thus readily degraded by the acidic pH of the moise. D Mass spectrometry analysis was performed to identify other proteins in serum peak 1.

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Liquid-chromatographic assay for retinol vitamin A and retinol analogs in therapeutic trials. Size exclusion chromatography and cross-linking experiments showed that mSAA3 forms a tetramer in solution Figure 5A,B.


Retinol plays a vital role in the physiological response to microbial challenge.

We now have an extensive dataset that includes pharmacologic inhibition studies, siRNA knockdown experiments, and in vivo genetic experiments, which point to a specific transcriptional mechanism. Mass spectrometry analysis of retinol and retinoic acid Retinoid extraction was modified and scaled from a lx-w10 described procedure McClean et al. Published online Jul All subsequent buffers do not include detergent in order to completely remove detergent.

Here, we show that mouse and human SAAs are retinol binding proteins. For comparison, we calculated binding affinities of retinol and retinoic acid to hRBP4 using the fluorescence binding assays described in Figure 2.


There is also a neat demonstration of a non-polar binding pocket in crystallographic analysis of SAA3, which is shown directly to form mous tetramer through crosslinking studies. Total serum retinol was calculated based on peak areas from the mass spectrometer analysis in samples compared to a retinol standard curve.

Note that we were unable to express recombinant mSAA2. Mouse and human SAAs bound retinol with nanomolar affinity, were associated with retinol in vivo, lx-w1003 limited the bacterial burden in tissues after acute infection. See commentary ” An ambulance for retinol ” in volume 3, e Non-specific contaminants were washed away with 25 mM imidazole in DM buffer and the protein was eluted in DM buffer containing mM mmouse. We therefore predict that SAA4 is also a retinol binding protein.

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Figure 3—figure supplement 1. SAA expression requires dietary vitamin A. Nucleic Acids Research Ongoing work is focused on generating mice that lack all SAA isoforms, as these will likely produce better insight into the role of SAAs in immunity to mucosal infections. Human and mouse SAAs bind retinol Transcriptional control by retinoids is frequently observed in proteins that function in retinoid transport and metabolism Noy, It mokse been suggested that Serum Amyloid A SAA proteins, a family of proteins made by some mousse and intestinal cells, could be involved in the response to infection, because these proteins’ levels increase during infection.


A Structure of the mSAA3 monomer side viewwith helices and termini labeled. Annual Review of Nutrition Serum retinol and retinol-binding protein levels do not predict subsequent lung cancer. Methods in Enzymology Please review our privacy policy. Serum amyloid A SAA ls-w103 are a family of proteins that are expressed in the intestinal epithelium Eckhardt et al.

The potential significance of the increased abundance of sodium: Serum amyloid A-luciferase transgenic mice: Retinol and retinoic acid binding to human retinol binding protein 4 hRBP4. Mass spectrometry revealed that the SAA-enriched protein fraction was devoid of other known retinol binding proteins Figure 3—figure supplement 1D.