However, even once that happens, they will not show up as FreeBSD CAM devices, so if you’re used to being able to do “camcontrol devlist” or other camcontrol ops, they won’t be there for management in that manner. If you haven’t figured it out, the point is to steer away from port-dense and extremely pricey RAID controllers. M on the way. I used a different computer to perform the flash without issue. The card consumes around 10 watts and should have at least some airflow in order to maintain proper cooling.

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Confused about that LSI card? If you haven’t figured it out, the point is to steer away from port-dense and extremely pricey RAID controllers. If you have one already I’d try it and post back. Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, View attachment Shows you the adapter type and firmware revision. Forums New posts Search forums.

LSI SAS mps driver preferred firmware version

I used a different computer to perform the flash without issue. Be warned that creating JBOD is almost certainly guaranteed to be overwriting what is on the disk. It has been a very pleasant and flexible controller to work with, as we use them with ESXi in -IR mode as well.

View attachment You can hit control-C during that to get to the card configuration utility. They try to make it look Windows-y and while it’s possible ferebsd control from the keyboard use ALT plus the highlighted characters, and ENTER to selectit helps to have a mouse.


It’s totally unrealistic to require Windows in order to update firmware on a network or storage controller, because you’re not going to install Windows on your massive UNIX server just to update some firmware. View attachment Within FreeBSD, that’ll probe as a controller serviced by the mps driver, and the drives will appear as normal “daX” devices and appear in “camcontrol devlist”, so pretty straightforward pleasure there.

LSI SAS2008 mps driver preferred firmware version

This article explains the process: Thread starter jgreco Start date Mar 19, Status Not open for further replies. You can look under SAS Topology at your attached disks, but really there’s not a whole lot to be seen here in IT mode. It works just fine. These cards often come without brackets or with a low-profile bracket to fit into 2U rackmount servers.

Joined Oct 15, Messages Thanks Actually for LSI cards you can make a DOS bootable using some old USB thumb drive with the firmware files on it and slip that into your uber Unix box and boot it up and do the firmware work without messing up your nice unix box. I always stick with buyers that have good return policies in case they are fakes. You’re more likely to get a refund from a frebsd if they are in the USA than overseas from my experience.

Once the M was flashed to IT mode, I was able to freebds the card back into the intended machine and use it freebsdd out issue. It is caused by UEFI and there is a work around.


These devices are intended to abstract out the physical storage and present the system with virtual devices, which means that they’ve got an incredibly flexible and rich featureset and the ability to attach lots of drives both directly and indirectly, in many RAID levels, etc. Generally with ebay I stick to purchases from inside the USA if its an expensive purchase.

Note firmware version 15 and IT mode. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. So the question becomes, what then. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

If you’re confused, it is probably understandable Apparently it is possible to configure the LSI controllers to pass through unconfigured-good drives to the underlying OS but they don’t do it by default, and I don’t see an immediately obvious way to set that.

View attachment And so far, things like hot adding a drive seem to work freebsr. You can do a “mfiutil show drives” to see attached drives and “mfiutil show volumes” to show the available volumes.