So I’m in the dark about what, if anything, the megapixel number means. The same Explorer 3. As for resolution, the engine offers dpi, which means you’re fine with any size monitor. If you read our review of the MX , then you know how impressed we were by Logitech’s new optical engine. US residents can buy them direct from Logitech, and many other dealers also stock them, of course.

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Logitech’s claims about the very lgitech resolution of the MX series mouses, though, appear to be justified. In terms of basic specs, the MX Optical Engine can process 4. Nowadays, “optical mouse” means “all-surface optical mouse”, and you can mous them on your desk, on your leg, on your carpet; no problem.

The MXthough, has something close to Logitech’s basic symmetrical mouse shape; it’s very close in shape to their classic First Mouse Plus.

Logitech MX 300 – mouse Series

The MX Logitech’s stylists are at it again, and have managed to make the MX and which are both the same shape even more avant-garde looking than the previous top-end MouseMan models, such as the Dual Llogitech I compare with the IntelliMouse Explorer 3. Provided you’re right handed. They just won’t show up at all, or they’ll be an “unknown keycode”, or something.

For that, the MX-series mouses are just the thing. The MX wheel has a lighter, thinner spoked feel that seems a bit faster. The recent MouseMans MouseMen? Optical mice track motion through a series of tiny pictures taken in quick succession, so more megapixels per second means more accurate movement on logitecb.

The fact that doing the sums from 4. According to Tom’s Hardwarethese things have a 30 by 30 pixel sensor with a Hz sample rate.


You can probably get the wheel working by using Tweak UI, but MouseWare seems likely to still block the buttons.

Download Logitech USB MX Optical Mouse

Partly because I’m used to the shape, partly because it still works fine older Explorer models tended to suffer cable breakage problems, but this one’s just got a somewhat looser scroll wheel than it had when newand partly because Microsoft’s mouse software doesn’t stick its thumbs up its nose a technical term when you run games. Cordless mouses need batteries, and most of them aren’t rechargeable; changing batteries is a pain. The has those three extra top buttons, but they’re logutech useful with MouseWare running.

High mouse speed lets you turn around fast without logittech to move anything above your wrist; fine control lets you line up weapons on small targets, for those moments when the enemy’s a speck in the distance, and chivalrous logihech is not on your agenda. Beforeall “optical” mouses needed a special mousepad to work well, they needed one to work well ; the ones with non-reflective mats would generally kind of work on a newspaper photo.

No, optical mice don’t use laser reflection. The shape’s the same, but the plastic’s different; the MX ‘s shinier than its cheaper cousin.

Logitech MX 300, MX 500 and MX 700 mouses

This means you can charge your mouse without actually plugging it into a computer, which may be useful to you.

The best I saw from them was uneven, lumpy scrolling – turn the wheel several steps, and watch the screen scroll a bit, then a lot, then a bit again. However, glass is extremely problematic for optical mice. All three of the MX-series mouses, like other MouseWare-afflicted products I’ve seen, had weird scroll-wheel behaviour when MouseWare was running.


It hardly matters, anyway; the sensors in the MX mouses just need to be as good as the sensors in the v3. In my office, its useful range is about three metres from the receiver, which is more than enough for many purposes; you may be able to manage better, if you’re somewhere less riddled with radio frequency interference than my computer-infested environs.

Review: Logitech MX , MX and MX mouses

The is held together by only one screw, and that screw omuse not under one of the mouse feet, or even hidden under a sticker. The removable battery door lets you exchange the MX ‘s batteries if you want, but most people will have no need to, possibly for years.

And for speed, the mouse can track up to 40 inches per second. The same Explorer 3. Despite a return to a single eye system, the MX engine outperforms any mouse I’ve used. The side buttons are easy to use, but not easy to press by accident, and they have the same basic large-rear, small-front layout as the IntelliMouse Explorers use. It looks better, it’s got better resolution, it feels very nice, and it’s got just as many buttons for games, and even more for Windows stuff.

This would all be for naught if the MX wasn’t fast and accurate.