The issues my be with my h. Protected Disc Tests 6. The whole sled including the disc spindle motor is mounted on a rigid metal frame which is secured to the plastic frame of the drive using anti-vibration silicone grommets — this reduces noise and vibration transfer to the case, but also ensures that the sled and spindle all vibrate in harmony with the disc to maintain good tracking at high speeds. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones. New drives are cheap and the is an OLD drive.

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Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which potentiometer liye what — they could be power, focus, tilt or something else altogether.

Just my opinion Verbatim is the best. Rated this writer 10 of But I doubt it will help. Only thing I was curious about is why I can still only burn at 4x while the others on this post seem to have gotten it up 12x? S04 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. My 3 home dvd read burned dvd with liteon s Go fot it buy! Use the paperclip to emergency-eject the tray, unclip the front bezel from the tray, then the body, and you should be left with the following:.


Searched around a little and found a little app called KProbe2. But the community support always pulled through, and these were also some of my favourite drives when it came to overspeeding media such as the RICOHJPNR01 4x discs which would faithfully burn at 8x, everytime.

Lite-on SOHWS Firmware Driver – TechSpot

With this firmware update, my drive will only burn at 12x with -r. Be respectful, keep it civil 1633w stay on topic. In your case the dvd laser, in my case the cd laser gave up first. The disk space useage bar in Nero shows a max storage size of a DL disk.

About Privacy Contact Us. The front panel is the same as on 1633d LiteON models, with the activity led lighting up green when the device is active.

This is connected by a wide ribbon to the mainboard below. You will see the left is the front panel loader, and this normally contains a tray motor, some gears, a few buttons, a position encoder, headphone socket, potentiometer and an LED.

In some post here Leo say that you can flash it with s and sony 1633x firmware. E01 comments, 0 good1 mixed0 poor. The only problem I have is with cd burning sometimes.

However, I am unable to make use of the Codeguys downloads because I keep getting this error when I try to extract the files: 16633s have no idea, but if somebody does, please do go ahead and write a reply. It started out by no recognizing verbatim cd-r discs and then my verbatim dvd-r discs. Storage by Rick Broida Nov 12, There was a sale on 25 pack of dvd-r that I bought.


LiteOn SOHW-1633S – DVD±RW (+R DL) drive – IDE Series

Cyber Monday Newegg: Comments posted by Leo from United States, April 29, Thank you for your help. The main SOC is just peeking out from above the top of the flexi-ribbon. The performance of the Sony DRUA is also shown in the comparison charts to demonstrate the drive’s change in performance with different firmwares.

I downloaded the lite On sohws.

An Obiturary: LiteOn SOHWS, and LHA1P | Gough’s Tech Zone

You should be able to burn -R media. Burned a few with assorted media Memorex 8x, Verbatim litd using the latest Nero 6. New drives are cheap and the is an OLD drive.