The lircrc file might seem a bit quirky though, since its used primarily with a Logitech Harmony remote, rather than the stock iMON remote, but all the basics are there. After working through the problem with him, he discovered that Ubuntu was loading its modules from a different directory than the lirc installer was putting the compiled files in. It works fine with kernel 2. Not a whole lot more change is expected with this driver, I think its pretty close to functionally complete now, and behaves as expected with respect to the new RC core code. Until you do that, you will see no more events coming from the lirc1 device. I’ve never hit any such issues either.

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Comment 11 Jarod Wilson This sounds very similar to the original problem you discussed in your post. See Running as a regular user. Anyway, I had wymbol all of the instructions here and at codeka before and got it working with a lot of work but now I cannot.

Note that this is not persistent, you need to do this after each boot. This was a great help. Here is how he told me he fixed it: The stuff about moving files and creating links for Ubuntu seems out of date for 9.

Last Drivers  LG 52X24X52X DRIVER

Unless there is reason to use lirc above this is probably the way to go. For the pad remote, you can download this file. Take a note to the final decision.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

Someone else had the same problem but I didn’t see a reply. Failed to initialize hardware This is a completely different problem from the imon problem, needs to be tracked separately. Please note that lircd unjnown not relay events received from one lircd to another. I haven’t yet had a chance to look at the new version to see what it takes to get it regixter.

Interestingly enough the PAD does work as a mouse device in X, its just lirc that doesn’t pick anything up. However, some of these modules are part of the staging drivers and might not be available on your system.

When irrecord quits my config-file gets the following contents: Verify the results using irw 1 in another window. A bit confused here but well on my way.

Traditionally lircd has been run as user root. Using this, you can bind remote buttons to any command you can run.

Welcome to the LIRC 0.9.0 Manual

Comment 74 Jarod Wilson I am currently hoping that the next version is more MythTV-friendly. Examples includes the groups lockinput and dialout but ultimately depends on the distribution. There are two ways to run as a regular user.


IR Remote Control driver unknonw, major Mar 13 If the driver is “usbhid”, you need to continue on to disable it. Practically, each installation will need to match other attributes depending on the hardware.

Working with MythTV: Getting iMON LCD working with LIRC

I’ve never hit any such issues either. The way to do this it to run 2 copies of lircd. No such file or directory ” I don’t know if it’s a problem of where I’m beginning the install from or what. Drivers for imin more hardware are smybol to appear in the future.

I can actually make the process quite simple, and all I need is a few lines of dmesg output, then you could return to the stock imon module It’s typically used to shut down system, system volume controls etc. The kernel loads the appropriate driver for most modern, USB-based using udev hotplugging – as soon as the device is connected the corresponding kernel module is loaded.