Alogen , Jul 8, Yeah, software is the latest, too. The time now is No, create an account now. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I have marked the connector as you can obviously see with vivid red.

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Doesn’t sound too difficult you say? How to apply color correction using the Gradie What is better than a leadtek expert tv tuner card?

If so what winafst this component called and how does it look like? Also included in the bundle are an analog audio cable for outputting sound directly from the TVXP to a soundcard, an FM wire antenna, the aforementioned infrared sensor with a decently long cable and a short cable with both S-Video and RCA inputs for bringing non-coaxial TV signals and audio into the TVXP.

The thing is ,if I don’t want to have two different sound sources overlapping each other I have to physically disconnect the DVD sound cable. Also,I don’t have any control of the volume through the application I have to use my speaker tv2000 control button.

Leadtek Winfast TVXP Expert problem with sound – VideoHelp Forum

Click here to join today! While the manual does cover the basic functions of the program and the akdio, it offers no insight into several areas which will be important to users of the TVXP Expert. I will try to be a bit clearer. I have the Leadtek audio output connected to the AUX connector on my sound card.


By GLE3 in forum Capturing. When I shut down the PVR, the mute is reapplied.

The separate multi-language quick setup guide is not a whole lot of help either. Also,when I had my internet connection installed the technician providing the service said there should be this input on the motherboard.

Leadtek Winfast pvr retail By fulgur in forum Capturing. The software will be completely shut down, and everything seems normal, until about a minute later sound from the TV card starts magically playing through my speakers. Yes, my password is: Luckily I have two microphone inputs,one in the back and one in the front. Just the outline and the markings. By Gplracer in forum Capturing.

It goes through the whole band with picking up anything.

Solved: Sound problems with WinFast TV2000 XP RM adapter

AlogenJul 12, Okay, here it is Sorry about the size of this description ,I hope it’s not to confusing this time around. I actually figured out my problem. Thanks for that info!

I guess that explains why the BT drivers didnt go in!


AlogenJul 8, My FM is working now. I can then turn the media player off, and radio will continue to work. There is just the outline, a square drawn. How to record anything on your screen using th The cable-TV signal is connected through my DVD player and then plugged in the adapter input, so I just connected the sound through the DVD as well and plugged it in separately in the PC,not ainfast adapter,using the microphone input. Now,according to the manual I should connect the audio-in connector cable from the TV card to the audio connector on the motherboard ;this as far as Winfasg understand it ,is the one I marked with red Z also originally labeled as A and named front panel audio connector.

The included manual manages to be both sparse and cluttered at the same time, this is where the Tv000 looses a few points.