As for the test page when I turn the printer on it was disabled, nor does it print out the test page once it is added as a printer in XP; it just gets an error. The printer is a workhorse, when it works! Recently bought your printer fade kit- great video of dismantling the printer to clean it- very successful- but now am having repeating problems with paper misfeeds- begins to take page off of top of paper tray- then stops- misfeed light comes on- have to open tray- reinsert top page- it is partly bowed upwards- close tray and open cover to reset light- then works again for 6 pages or so- any advice on rollers to clean and or?? My Laserwriter select works great mechanically but toner coverage is light on one side of each printed page. Yes – I agree – check the jumper on the back of the printer. I’m thinking to buy those under CDN.

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I cannot pull out the tray even put the printer standing on its side. Could this be a problem with the fuser?

I thought it was not able to do that unless you have used the Vandy’s script. You just did all the troubleshooting you need to do. Next, it finds the INF file that is being used for the driver installation, and verifies that it was properly installed. I am currently running my Laserwriter on an old Mac running os 8. Are they good lps? If you want I can send it to you; just need your e-mail address. The print quality in the center of the page is perfect, so if I can at least reduce the gray stripes, it will be good enough for most of my purposes.


Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

Samsung and Brother are classified as “disposable” printers. It sounds as though you and I have the same problem. It is a bear to get access to the back side to clean lazerwriter. I’m using the select on an XP machine with a parallel cable. Because a toner cartridge is cheap, it doesn’t mean that it will give you less cost per page as a more expensive toner cartridge. I have sold mine for 10 bucks though, because the toner cartridge is too expensive compared with other brand.

Need help interpreting error message. I have to buy remade or refilled now.

Any ideas of how to get rid of this? Here’s where I’m at today. But you say possibly a formatter card is defective. I have occasionally seen it improve after a few hundred prints but not always. I think I have a roller problem.

LaserWriter Select 360:Technical Specifications

The bottom tray was stuck. I’ve never seen a thermal fuse go on that model, so I doubt that would be the problem.


Then I get twelve flashes of the power indicator light, followed by 3 flashes. Zelect became economically unfeasible to sell them on the site since we were selling it for less with the instructional CD included.

Apple LaserWriter Select Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

But because that won’t be easy, I want to first get a reassurance that cleaning is the appropriate course of action for the plain non-FAXing Select You can use both ports at the same time on the Select The test paper with its squares print fine but I don’t know where to go from here.

You need to do a half-stop test. I don’t know what you define as new. Any ideas on how to tackle the problem? I did some basic troubleshooting by opening the printer up and shorting the print engine test pin. I have had my Laserwriter Select ever since it was new. If it doesn’t, the cartridge is bad.