I’ve been stuck for quite a few days. Neo Nov 10, at Scotty – Mar 24, at View all 6 comments. The point is that windows xp is install able when u disable AHCI mode in ur bios It will ask you where the xp installation is, choose ROM drive.

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Daniel – Dec 31, at Report Respond to Roz.

Download Intel Matrix Storage Driver – http: Then you have to set your harddrive to install winxp again to compatiblemode What you have to do is power on the X and then press F2 to get into the BIOS menu. You will get on ur display list of all supported drivers that u can inport remember to select Textmode driver Remember to always set the sata mode to compatibility before trying to boot and install from an XP disc.

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Cheers Neo, Worked a treat on these two L’s too. Report Respond to gen. Report Respond to rajputz.


Report Respond to Dicey. Finish this proces and burn ur copy of XP on CD It worked, thanks a million. Thats what I and others already stated here.

This worked for me I am not very computer literate at the command line. Add comment users have said thank you to us this month. Report Respond to Neo. Use it to install xp on your notebook.

Discovered last week and worked well cp me: After 4l0-17s just access the drivers that you burn to a CD. I have just been trying to uninstall sp3 on pre loaded laptop. I have configured over 12 L laptops this way and they all work perfectly. Check only “drivers” and “bootimage”. Molle – Feb 20, at Report Respond to EgoQC. Also as for deleting any and all partions and formatting, use Gparted it is free and will show hidden partions, mac, allow you to format and even partion your hard drive all from a free live bootable cd.

Satellite LS – Toshiba

Recomend using the VESA setting when boot cd opens. The Key for this problem most of the times the SP3 for XP If it is already included to the installer, you have a chance to install it successfully try it it worked for many new laptops: Ask a question Report. Follow instructions, the program is multilanguage so no drama. You are a freaking Genius.


I’ve just had my toshiba l downgraded to xp without hassles. Roz Oct 13, at Just make sure xpp you choose the drivers that have “L” in the title as well as “XP” The only driver that will give you trouble is the audio driver.

I’ve solved it at the easiest way I think. Anyone resolved the ppor sound issue yet under XP??