Motion was seconded by Council Member Beeman. May 14, — 7: Motion was made by Council Member Beeman to approved Resolution 1 The committee is requesting the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee chaired by the City Manager and the membership be comprised of all the City Department heads, at least one Norris Citizen and at least one City Council member. Motion was made by Council Member Black to approve Ordinance on first reading. Ogburn stated the Oak Road Park is our park — an extension of all of our tiny Norris yards.

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Jessica Ogburn

City Manager Marshall stated this resolution does not affect current employees. Motion was seconded by Council Member Grieve. Budget Workshop – City Manager shall file a consolidated budget document with the Council Members in a budget workshop.

Council Member Black stated he wanted to have the retreat before the next council meeting. Unlike the city however their income comes in more incrementally through the year.

Mayor Mitchell stated he sees this proposal as positive and looks to City Manager Marshall for a positive solution. Ogburn stated the residents are against the splash pad being constructed in their neighborhood. Resolution 1 — — A Resolution to authorize an employer participating in the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System to change from its existing regular defined benefit plan to either the alternate defined benefit plan or the local government hybrid plan was presented for approval by City Manager Marshall.

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Motion was made by Vice Mayor Painter to approve the request.

Jessica Ogburn – Nurse Practitioner, Macon GA

March 22, – 6: Council Member Beeman said he reviewed the Strategic Plan completed by Council over 10 years ago and shocked by ogbur amount of time the Council had dedicated to it. I have also begun researching what non construction activities are required for this grant. Motion was seconded by Council Ogbirn Black. Motion was made by Council Member Black to approve Ordinance on first reading.

Identification of areas where ADA compliance will be the least costly is also currently in process. Minutes, February 12, The status of the easement needed for the project is being researched. The Environmental Phase will take approximately months to complete.

We are also attempting to identify areas where ADA compliance will be the least costly. Council Member Beeman stated the revenue information showed increases in property taxes over 10 years, a modest increase in sales tax, and a decrease in local sales tax. Ogburn stated the residents were concerned the addition of a splash pad to the Oak Road Park would have a negative impact on the values of their properties.

Council Members shall also recommend a capital outlay plan. Council Member Black stated he had been in contact with the Erb family and was also approached by another family that would like to get involved with the splash pad in honor of their son — they have established a nonprofit company and would meet and decide on an amount to donate depending on the next step the City takes.


She stated adding the splash pad would take away from the residents living on Garden Road and Oak Road. City Manager Marshall read a Proclamation honoring the City of Clinton for donating a Ford Crown Victoria with complete pursuit and police package at no charge. TCAbudget estimates. May 14, — 7: I have met with our design firm and we have walked the project in the field.

City Manager Marshall reported on the following: Mayor Mitchell stated the City had not committed to the donation of the property and would wait on the final design phase of the project before making a decision.

Motion carried by voice vote. The minutes of the January 8, City Council Meeting were presented for approval. Mayor Mitchell jesxica the city is healthy, and he does not feel a property tax increase is needed at this time.

Jessica Ogburn – Google+

Council Member Beeman stated we are not on a good trend as our dependence on property tax, which is the only revenue we control, is increasing over time.

Mayor Mitchell also stated there would be dialogue throughout the budget process concerning the future of Norris.

Box Norris, Tennessee Overall, NWC operations budget remain tight, with no changes to report from previous months.