Before I have a nervous breakdown! Yes I am trying to pair. Posted January 9, You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. I never got the message asking “Is this the first time You would be better off with the Stowaway BT keyboard, it very good. It can be set to go into power-saving mode if no one types for a preset time.

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Good luck and enjoy! This is because PDA screens may be too small, PDA keyboards are not comfortable and handwriting recognition is still a somewhat hit and miss affair. Listen for 2 bleeps. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. It can also be easily carried from workstation to workstation in industrial environments or used as wireless input device for workstations physically locked up as far as 9m away.

Not surprising perhaps, given that the keyboard is a laser projection; however, it’s unlikely to be usable next to a brightly lit window in an office, or on a train. Posted January 5, igech Posted January 10, The majority of reviews agree that the VKB is accurate and capable of keeping up to all but the fastest typers, capable of detecting characters per minute. Wow, iitech can buy these now? If that doesnt work, try using it on your PC with the driversit could be that its not supported with your devices.


I.TECH Virtual Keyboard

I have managed to pair the device after about one hour’s fiddling and I can see it connected in bluetooth manager, and I have enabled it in the small VKB application that comes with it, but typing on the keyboard has no effect on teh device. I’ve also installed it on my C with no luck.

If you get a third different bleep, the itedh has failed.

This is both because it would be yet another thing we would have to carry around, and ckb technology is still in it infancy and typing is rather mistake-ridden. My Profile Log Out. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

I-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

The manual does have some detail itevh it, but is not particularly well structured otech clear, meaning you will be fiddling with the unit for some time, trying to get it to vbk.

As more and more technology is worn or integrated into devices and vehicles, as technology becomes more integrated with its user and with other technology, it will become more and more desirable to detach the means of input from the cumbersome plastic keyboard. Hardware keyboards are often cheaper, work with a wider range of devices and are much easier to use out of the box. Go to Connection tab, select Bluetooth Obviously the VKB will have a pin code hardcoded into it’s onboard software, hence no ability to enter it.


Virtual Keyboard Review | ZDNet

Once paired however, the unit is a breeze to use. Has this been used on another device?

If you want to turn vkkb and impress your friends though, the VKB should be on the top of your list. I need power and lots of it. Any owners care to comment?

I know something’s not right with the driver because when I ‘search’ on the connections tab in VKB, it brings back six keyboards, none of which work!!

Posted Itechh 22, HHR is a leader in the Hong Kong toy industry and also in the design and marketing of telecommunications accessories and electronics, including cell phone and MP3 player accessories.

Most reviews comment that the keyboard is also comfortably visible in normal room light. Sign In Sign Up.

Keystrokes are sent to your handheld via a cable that plugs into its serial connector. I’ve been given one of these to play with but I can’t tiech it working on my M If the latter is set for a shorter period than the former, then simply waving your hand where the keyboard should be is enough to restart it.

Tap a key on the projected keyboard, and the box knows what key you have tapped. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some now!