Lags, a lot of frame skips not suggested. Did you know this linux distro http: See the manpage for pm-suspend for a list of them all. For some reason, xrandr sees some non-existing ports:. Anonimo 29 gennaio

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Linux actually, in this kind of platform, is good for desktop usage but not for Multimedia purpose there are still too many websites with media contents. Switch to a console – Ctrl-Alt-F1 Restart X with ‘sudo service lightdm restart’ That should bring you back to a functional graphical desktop, so that you can proceed testing or installing. Haven’t tested flash or video rendering.

Intel GMA driver

If you stuck with a black screen after resume, be aware that besides the black screen, your system works infel. See the manpage for pm-suspend for a list of them all.

Retrieved from ” https: Hardware Video Acceleration 1. Better situation than default player but p video runs still 1FPS. Here is what to do to use modesetting: Probably gonna switch to windows: For some reason, xrandr sees some non-existing ports:.

Last Drivers  HP 1212NF DRIVER

Driver overview

Alternatively, if you have ssh enabled on your machine you could do it remotely. Theare two main partial working driver for US15 platform: In my case, I turn off both screens, and turn on only the main screen upon awakening.

Linu suspend If suspend does not work for you, there are various quirk options you can try. Option 3 – Resolution First, you need to know what your desired resolution is. Commenti sul post Atom.

Then, in the terminal: However, this configuration does affect the ability of SDL and other? Actually, I feel linux runs slower than XP. If this also fails, you might try removing pm-utils’s video resume script, so that it’s not run when you resume the machine.

The above configuration file will replace the xfvideo-fbdev driver. If you are not able to resume and you get a black screen instead, try the above quirk command with only one dash. Tma500 you have problems playing p and i videos, yes, that’s normal while there are not accelerated XV drivers. Add one of these lines and save the file:. The examples below will feature x, but be sure to change it to the actual resolution of your screen.


MX Linux Forum

Anonimo 26 maggio If suspend does not work, there are various quirk options you can try. After installing, an Xorg file is needed to setup the driver. I had to do the last part of tutorial, for sound.

Common netbook resolutions are x, x and x Why there is no open-source driver Intel reply: There are several potential solutions: Did you know this linux distro http: Add them to your kernel parameters.

Although the computer still works, you must go to a console and kill X or reboot “blindly”. Pages with broken package links.