June 9th, 4. I run the troubleshooter, which always resets the wifi adapter, and says it resolves the “default gateway is not available” issue. To bring wlan0 down, I used to simply turn off the wireless switch that my computer has. Reverting back to Contact Intel Customer Support.

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So there is something going on here. Hi to all I am new on this community, however I tryed to find an answer about my wireless adapter. Discussion List – Wireless Networking http: What I did now was to leave the switch on, issue ifconfig wlan0 down ifconfig wlan1 up and things worked just fine. Intell, how do you set the drivers settings to “default”?

[ubuntu] WireShark on Intel PRO/Wireless ABG

I use my headphones a ton, so all this is rather important to me. Well, I think I’ve pretty much tried every setting that likely should be set, and I don’t think it’s the settings.

Anyone have 3945abb tips? In my case I am not even sure if this is a hardware issue or software. The Bluetooth does not recognize the mic at all.


How to get intel 3945ABG on Monitor Mode

So there should be no hardware failure or hardware incompatibility issue. The amazing speed of I think the 8. Is there any kind of power saving mechanism or similar in windows that’s capable of turning promisckous only the 5GHz radio? The headphones pair pretty much flawlessly every time with Android phones – but plus windows, not so much.

promiscuous mode for intel ABG wireless |

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Problems with AC wireless adapter on Latitude E w7. Any help would be welcomed. Please help me to solve the problem. There is a report see this thread which indicates kernel 2. Multiple interfaces on one device – use the aircrack suite on a monitor interface while remaining associated on a managed interface.

It just can’t connect or throws an error. Download the fragmentation patchand apply it to the compat-wireless package.

I am completely frustrated with this issue. Are you the publisher?

Speeds hover around 27Mbs as mods. We have posted the latest generic, non-OEM version If I enable the device, it works fine until the next time it goes to sleep. Thank you Peter Veres. Also I’m not sure exactly what kind of packets you’re looking for, but Wireshark wasn’t developed for wireless sniffing exactly so it may not be able to pick up the kind of stuff you want.


Any ways, I thought you may find this interesting, and thank you so much for your help. Also keep in mind that the serialmonkey drivers should be great for sniffing, so if you want, instead of troubleshooting your new card, you could use that one in monitor mode and use your original device for normal Internet connectivity. However there are many individuals facing this promjscuous and no one seems to have found any solution. You must enter the channel twice, e.

Otherwise, I have zero idea what is happening.