This driver was rated with an average of 4 stars by users. Fragnstein Theory Gets Us Enslaved. Remember me Forgot your password? If your User Access Control Service UAC is running then you will have to accept of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights. How It Stacks Up. Once you have made your changes click Save and the changes made will save directly onto your dongle.

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Unknown FragnStein – install the driver manually Download the driver setup file for Unknown FragnStein driver from the location below. Fragnstein is especially true for the scroll button when you push down R3. If it does improve things i will try harder to find one otherwise try playing more with the settings. The firmware updates are just like the updates for the Playstation 3 system, it improves on functionality and smoothness in certain games.

This is the download link for the driver version 6. The in game setup and usage is the same though although deadzone seems to only be on some of the firmwares apparently – its deffo not on std or cod which are the only ones i’ve tried Support should be able to have one driver etc for both devices – if they do this or not is a different matter.

Bovine Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Massive Action Game Magic: The buttons are exposed nicely on both the Mouse and Nunchuck and you never accidentally press one while pressing the other.


Moonk Offline Admin Posts: Go through the driver installation wizard, instal,er should be pretty easy to follow. The mouse side of the FRAGnStein operates and maintains the same functions to that of the right hand side of the Playstation controller, being: All the free downloads are available directly from Bannco.

Wildcat Fragnstein Junior Boarder Posts: How It Stacks Up. Mawds, STD i assume means standard in wilcats post.

PowerGamers: FRAGnStein Driver Installation & Firmware

Both are conveniently cable free to avoid these regular occurrences. Well, to name a few, Bannco offer various free downloadable drivers, firmware updates and even a configuration tool to tweak your FRAGnStein further.

Shutdown and restart your computer and enjoy the fresh driver, as you can see it was quite smple. Unfortunately there are cons but thankfully they are minimal: Jul 15 1: Now at this lnstaller you would think that it cannot get any better, what else can the FRAGnStein possibly offer?

Just waiting for the bonus to get one.


I can say that on the PC side it competes with anything else out there. Thanks for adding the drivers Moonk. Ultimately the average gamer wants to be comfortable, wants to play for longer periods of time and wants the best experience that he can get out of his Playstation 3 system, the FRAGnStein ticks each box without hesitation.


Latest firmware is at: Both the Mouse and Nunchuck units have some respectable weight even without the AA battery installed in each unit, making it even easier to use, but not so heavy that you have to attend a morning gym session to play some Call of Duty.

Peripheral Vision frabnstein the name fragntein our ongoing frqgnstein journey into the wonderful, oft-terrifying wor Between the trash talk and bragging rights players often use any means necessary to get a competitive edge. The second analogue is replaced by the mouse.

Download and install Unknown FragnStein driver

Shooters generally attract a competitive bunch. As mentioned before, both are fragnstrin wireless so no need for unnecessary cables hanging out from your precious Playstation 3, creating a trip hazard and then a potential crime scene.

This Windows driver was developed by Unknown.

PC gamers have lauded the use of the mouse since the first shooters started appearing on consoles. This is a product that can be used non-stop in any gaming session without you feeling the need to rest your hands. Wildcat, thanks for posting the older 3. This controller will not make you a shooter whiz overnight.