Perfect Driver graphite S, R. G5 G5 fairway woods also available Clubhead: Box Jackson, WY Head Options If your new driver doesn’t have movable weights, it might be offered in a fade, neutral or draw model like the new Tour Edge V25, pictured. Fluid behaviour involves many complex physical mechanisms. Point is, head options in a single line give you a greater chance of finding the right driver for your swing. It’s also why the design is so prevalent in irons as well.

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See the manufacturers’ Websites for details. The hitting area—no driver in golf can match the size of the Speed’s strike area. One of the best-looking drivers for isn’t short on distance-enhancing features.

Perfect Driver, Perfect Ladies Clubhead: Be the first to review this item! Test-driving never hurts, nor does emphasizing the following cutting-edge technologies.

As Nike Golf says, “Down with gravity! The clean and pure aesthetics. EZ by Aldila graphite S, R.

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One of the absolute keys to consistent driving, which is often overlooked, is ffd properly fitted club, and with modern fitting methods at your disposal, there’s almost no reason to buy a driver off the rack. The new-school design elements and the old-school look and feel. With TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone leading the way, face technology from the elite clubmakers is giving your swing more than it deserves.

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Players Series woods also available.

Innovex Golf CfD cc Driver at

Golfworks Maltby KE4 www. The driver is the only full-swing club in your innoves that you use 14 times a round the ball retriever doesn’t count.

Mixing Determine mixing ratios anywhere in the flow stream when more than one type of fluid is present. Adams’ X-Face technology that produces a large high-COR zone on the strike area and movable tungsten weights to dictate the type of trajectory you prefer or wish to avoid.

Innovex Golf CfD Drivers

Renowned clubmaker Jesse Ortiz from Orlimar TriMetal fame and beyond teams up with the Bobby Jones Company to create an ultra-classy, yet hard-hitting driver that has many in the know buzzing about its potential. We can provide accurate depictions of how a design will behave and give you the ability to alter critical design features in order to achieve your intended goal — all without having to incur expensive prototype and testing crd.

Lists the lofts available in the line and whether or not the clubs are available for lefties. Each model is designed to augment a specific swing speed by fine-tuning loft, face progression and the stock Aldila NV shaft.

Drivers Buyer’s Guide – Golf Tips Magazine

MacGregor once again pushes the envelope of design and performance. Drivers crd cupfaces, adhesion techniques such as brazing and robotic plasma-welding are high-tech stuff and can effectively fuse that high-performance face to the head while maintaining the desired innovexx scheme.


The cupface design systematically shifts the club’s CG to the rear, resulting in higher launch angles and cgd carry distances. The strike area is forged and very thin, helping produce the maximum COR. EZ EZ woods and hybrids also available Clubhead: The all-titanium design has a tungsten weight in the trailing edge for both a higher MOI and a lowered and deepened CG. A quick description of what impressed us in our review. See our huge selection of golf cartsgolf ballsgolf driversgolf giftsgolf shoesgolf irons, golf accessories, golf bagsgolf puttersgolf wedges, hybrid golf clubsgolf apparelladies golf equipmentgolf push carts and golf tips.

Clone Studies Once a model has been prepped for simulation, clones can be quickly created to allow multiple studies. The trademark elastomer compound insert reduces vibration for a greater transfer of energy at impact. Low And Onnovex CG While almost every driver features it, it’s still a noteworthy trait and an absolute must for recreational golfers.

Affordable, adjustable-weight driver with the advantages of a carbon crown innivex. This is a high-performance machine, but would do best in the hands of at least a mid-handicapper, as it’s meant for faster swings. The look and feel and sound are outstanding.