Your valuable originals are never out of your custody and you are the one who decides when to do what and how. I have had an Imacon Flextight for the last four years, and the X1 is replacing it as it needs some repairs. Do Your Portraits Look Flat? I never used that device and won’t miss that capability. The catch to this was that turnaround times were slow; I had to be very selective with what I scanned, and I was essentially at the mercy of whomever was operating the scanner. Order in the next 0:

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I used the X1 to scan scannee 1, year-old 35mm negatives. One of the deficiencies in most scanners is the light source is a constant. To use the scanner there is a thick, hinged panel in the front you fold down that has an etched grid-pattern glass top surface lit from below from a window at the side of the scanner’s tube-type light source. If you are deeply committed to film, either because you continue to shoot it or because you have a large archive, then you need this scanner.

The base of each holder is a good-sized rectangle of thin stainless steel in which an aperture is cut the size of the film format to be scanned. The scamner merging and blending can cause a range of compromises visible at higher resolutions but at low and moderate resolutions the images usually are eye-friendly even if they are not technically perfect.


This value, in many ways, has alone been worth the price of admission. Virtual Drum and Vertical Optical System A vertical optical system allows the CCD to face downwards, creating a glass-free optical path between the original and the lens.

I love my digital cameras. The Imacon Flextight Photo is an entirely professional scanner providing uncompromised performance and efficiency scanning 35mm and medium format i,acon sizes.

The X1 can blaze along at up to 60MB per minute, which is unusually efficient. Colorflex also contains a full set of accessible manual image adjustment tools, including a new feature which enhances shadow detail more effectively than either adjusting gamma or shaping the characteristic curve.

Film handling is very straightforward. It has been an entirely enjoyable and satisfying experience scanning every imaginable kind of film image with the Imacon Photo.

This Scanner is the one. The Imacon Colorflex software supports Macintosh and MS Windows operating systems, providing a flexible and powerful set of tools easily customized to meet a variety of work input and output requirements.

Their website is also lacking in good instructions.

About the Imacon 949 Flextight Film Scanner

Turns omacon, maybe they’re thinking about you. Not Specified by Manufacturer. The combination of the electronic image handling of the sensor, the device’s mechanical precision, the quality of the sensor filters, and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens are what set it apart.

The need to send it to your nearest Hasselblad dealer for maintenance or repair shipping a 70lb box containing a device no one else can understand through customs isn’t always easy.

Last Drivers  ATI 4870X2 DRIVER

Single pass trilinear CCD array with 24, pixel elements Input: What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir Dust spotting afterwards is about as much fun as going to the dentist. You can also perform batch scans with the X1.

Your valuable originals are never out of your custody and you are the one who decides when to do what and how. For more information, contact Imacon Inc.

Nearly everyone else is better served by inkjet printing on archival materials using the excellent, high fidelity tools available today. But to realize that excellence requires starting with an outstanding file. Heavy approximately scznner poundssoftware could have included dust and scratch removal.

Hasselblad Flextight X1 Scanner H B&H Photo Video

The 3F file is never altered but will act as a “preview scan” when you open it later, and you can re-do all operations and change whatever parameters you wish. The Imacon Flextight Photo professional film scanner. Rated 5 out of 5 by Foster Jr. It’s less imacoj obvious than the sharpness issues the flatbed’s have, but possibly an even bigger problem and is quite visible in prints.

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