On the whole, the performance of the Iwill BD is not striking: Aug 31, Posts: I would really like to hear from people who have this mobo and have used the audio. Thanx in advance for any input. Hey, whats the harm in trying?

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The processor circuit contains 10 uF capacitors, which provide a stable operation of wudio system even if the conditions exceed the rated ones.

Well, this is what active-hardware had to say: I have an SB Live that drives the speakers from another box. Another proprietary technology, “Microstepping”, allows you adjust the frequency of voltage of the processor.

BDu – Iwill Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Thanx guys for the input. Jun 2, Posts: Tue Bd1333u 18, 3: I used my SB Live value. Been doing exactly that on my HDD for quite some time! The system worked stably, without any failures. Video 3Digests Video cards: The disc is bootable, therefore, you can create diskettes with drivers for different Iwill boards.

Test system Test equipment: BioShock Infinite and Metro: Whatever the case though, we found the BDu sound abilities gd133u be excellent. As for Windows 98 being a bit funny with RAM, I have heard that as standard Windows only uses MB Max for itself, auudio rather than it being an issue with having any more, it just limits itself to that. Wed Sep 19, 1: Such approach is rational – for example, if a bd13u has an IDE RAID controller, diskettes are necessary before the system starts booting, and in such cases manufacturers supply the diskettes with the required drivers.


The board has unsoldered space for an audio controller and audio connectors. No question – give it a try, it’s free. The difference being when other programs are used, they use the extra OF course, I only read this, or was told it some time ago or something??? Of course most of the actual apps will need to be re-installed of course, but your own data will be ok.

Feedback on the IWill KK266+ audio section?!?

But in our case it isn’t necessary to deal with such unreliable storage medium as a diskette. Mon Sep 17, And this time the company released a new board on the ALi M right after the chipset had been announced.

I’ll need more time to give a fidelity comment, but in games that the kids are playing, it seems alright to me.

Hey, another bonus of having seperate partitions, is that if you need to install Windows again and want to re-format, you audioo only need to do C: There are some drawbacks in the layout, though – the FDD connector is located behind the last PCI slot it is inconvenient and prevents good air circulation. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.


Besides, a bracket with two additional USB ports for the rear panel of the computer, a thermo sensor and a cable with an IRDA module ship optionally with the board. The configuration is one of the most popular for today: On the whole, the performance of the Iwill BD is not striking: So, on the whole the board is an ordinary well-implemented solution. A friend on ICQ said basically that it is good for basic audio, but nothing special. Iwill is just a calm and peaceful worker on the computer market.

Memory settings are quite a lot. I’m resolved at this point to at least give the onboard audio a try.