Before calibrating your monitor on Windows PC systems, you should check to see that Adobe gamma is turned off if it was installed. Submit Skip this How can we improve it? However I know small companies — money matters, so the Huey will sell. Monitor calibration How do you know that a particular colour red on your monitor is correct? This can range from 10 seconds to 4 hours. Through multiple monitor calibration, you ensure accurate onscreen representation on all of your displays. There is a question mark icon to the right that reveals the help info.

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There is really only one place to start with Colour Management — your monitor. How do you know that a particular colour red on your monitor is correct? The Mac version of the Pantone Huey is reviewed here, but the Windows version works in the same way.

Multiple monitor calibration increases color fidelity from monitor-to-monitor-to-print. Even after the calibration process, huey will observe the light falling on the display and automatically adjust the screen brightness for accurate onscreen viewing any time of the day.

It also supports multiple monitors. Profiles produced a noticeable improvement in displays. Email, or phone us on New color patches added to the calibration process for precision accuracy.

The picture of the model buey possibly there to show changes in skin tone. A short article showing why there is more to getting your prints to match your screen, than just calibrating your monitor.


Pantone Huey review

You can see the blur of the red LEDs on the back of the sensor as it plummets to its doom pure luck this photo! It’s all about the color.

Color in your photos, color in your designs, color online and more importantly, color on your display. There is a question mark icon to pantnoe right that reveals the help info.

Articles below by Keith Google’s picks for matching this page. It’s the vital first step, but you do need to consider some other factors for best results.

The four patches at the bottom are LEDs that light up when the device is being used. This is the standard system interface in MacOS X. When the 26 juey dots are lit up, the process is complete. It is not mentionned in the instructions and upgrade may fail if not done properly.

Monitor calibration How do you know that a particular colour red on your monitor is correct? D65 is the illuminant used — or what is often known as the temperature of the monitor it is similar to what might be called Paantone in some calibration packages. The Huey is a small 10cm long device that comes with a stand, USB extension lead, software CD and pack of screen cleaner.

Pantone Huey review

June — Pantone have sent us a huey PRO to have a good look at — the huey PRO has wider control over brightness and contrast, with separate menu choices for the selection of gamma and white point settings. Next you are asked to attach the sensor to your screen. I cannot recommend trying to stick anything to an LCD. User-defined Whitepoint and Gamma combinations provide substantial control over the calibration and output uhey.


So, there you have it … your display is calibrated. Note also the similarity in organisation between my computer desktop and actual office desktop. Select a calibration setting that you want to use.

You need a hardware device of some sort that will make the adjustments for you. The screen cleaner is supplied to clean your screen before measurements, and help the Huey stick… Using the Huey Installing the monitor colour correction software on my Mac simply required dragging the application from the CD to my Utilities folder this just happens to be the place I put such things… Opening the application for the first time lets you review the help file — but all it really needs is to press the START button There is a question mark icon to the right that reveals the help info.

Why don’t my prints match my screen? I suspect this refers to the room lighting conditions, since it changed when I opened the curtains and got the software to re-check.