For either of these methods the drive performs an Unload sequence: Switches 1 and 2 are normally used to configure the way in which data compression is set for the drive. Last edited by czezz; at Tells the drive to return basic operating parameter information to the host. The drive then reads the first Reference area on the tape Partition 1 on a 2-partition tape to find the tape format DDS, audio, and so on and the number of partitions. C3 allows any two tracks in a group to be corrected, and is used only when a raw data error is too big to be corrected by C1 and C2.

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Protected The autoloader is waiting for you to insert a magazine. I devide searched the Compatibility Guide, but cannot find your tape drive: They are only a rough guideline; there are a great many different settings for different configurations, for example, to enable and disable the Media Recognition System MRS.

Last edited by czezz; at Returns a count representing the current logical block address to the host. Note that when sequdntial, the drive will always decompress compressed data. Removing Power from the Drive To ensure reliable operation, do not remove power from the drive during read, write, fast-search, load and unload activities.


When the correct number is displayed, press the Load Tape button to load the cartridge. Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and then proceed to manually install them.

Copy any data you wish to keep from the cartridge onto a new cartridge and discard the old cartridge. The drive automatically takes the cartridge, loads it, and cleans the heads. The cartridge selected by the user by pressing the front panel Select button, and then loaded by pressing the Load button is used first. The firmware upgrade process has been successfully completed. This means that the performance of any Ultra2 devices will drop to that of Ultra devices.

This ensures that the task is terminated in a controlled manner, and no data is lost.

In Random mode, the Select button is disabled. Have reasonable precautions against static been taken? New Tape Load Fail: I can’t remember which device did what anymore. Auto-eject When the autoloader is in Stacker mode it will eject the magazine after the last cartridge x5683a the magazine is unloaded.

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Remember that this will reduce the amount of data you can back up to the magazine, since you will only have five slots available for data cartridges. The drive rewinds the cartridge and unloads it. Normally, drives such as these are not required to be at the end of a bus, but if this is unavoidable, HP recommends the use of an additional short length of cable with a terminator attached.


The host should reposition and try again. Now, when I try to add the drive on my master server through “configure storage devices” I only tick the media server because it is the only system with a tape drive installed.

Tape Activity middle light —green Steady green A cartridge is present in the drive. Density code 0x25 unknown. The drives are protected by internal fuses.

The autoloader will then automatically perform a cleaning cycle. To avoid mechanism jams, use labels properly: To exit the language selection facility without selecting a language, press the Enter button. Note Screw threads must not penetrate more than 4 mm into the drive.

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Push the magazine fully home sequentoal remove it. Note that when reading, the drive will decompress compressed data. This document contains proprietary information which is protected by copyright.