I just picked up an 8. What would be the SW if I hard step the shafts so they play at standard length? If I butt trim them, the SW would be at D0 correct? I have the DComp and i love it! I previously played the Cleavland Hi-bore XL.

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This is the only driver that I will ever play. Reshafting costs By welshy in forum Equip Me. The D2 is a cc titanium driver with a full pear profile and mid launch characteristics with low to tto spin.

I can hit it yards by carry. Titleist would rather reshaft your for you otherwise they wont warranty it. Many will recognize that this model is an extension of the cult hit D4 model that was never released to the public. I have done the reverse though to customize and spine shafts from another driver into a surefit tip so that favorite shaft goes in a An integral Titanium blind bore hosel — gone is the bore-through design found on the and drivers.

adjustable shaft tip – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

Titleist has gone away from the zippered all-cloth headcover found on If there isnt a really good deal, then should i consider getting the d1? Please login to post a comment. The 990 from titleist are all. The ball comes off on a lower, flatter, more boring trajectory.


909 F3 reshaft

The D3 is again 20cc smaller, and the difference is subtle, but noticeable if you look for it or set the two models side by side. All three models feature a lower crown and profile, which moves the CG a bit further ho and down, reducing spin and increasing MOI.

D2 will launch a bit higher and spin a bit more than D3. Aquire new shaft Step Two: Thank you for all the time you put in these reviews, best to luck to you and your golf game!

I have tried the D2 with the V2 shaft and loved it and am tempted to buy one secondhand. Thanks for the well written review — it provided a solid foundation as I narrowed down down uow driver candidates.

I have the DComp and i love it! The hitting area retains roughly the same look as that found on — white grooves with a trapezoidal, grooveless sweet spot. Is there really a difference between the and besides looks and sound? As far as length goes, I have never pulled a sure fit tip then put it into another head.

December 30, at Posted 01 November – You now have a d3 rather than the d2.

But what is the difference in the diamana blue 65 and aldila voodoo 67? When I put the D2 and D2 side yitleist side I notice all the markings on the shaft are about an inch higher towards the grip on the … Could this mean the shaft needs to be tip stiffened, which could then help my dispersion?


Thanx for all the hitleist in this thread the club building thread and the sizes thread to everyone who contributed was a good week learning to do new things. HI Erik, great review.

Swingweight fitting question

Absolutely love your website and refer to it often for the very detailed and honest reviews. I would appreciate it if you commented, even though you probably w these kinda questions!!!! That was one bad motha. D2 is about as easy as D2 to get off the deck, but with D3 the tjtleist launch and reduced spin really require a good amount of clubhead speed and perhaps even a bit more of a cut swing to help add loft to get airborne.