Synology at a Glance Synology creates network attached storage and IP surveillance solutions that transform the way users manage data and conduct surveillance in the cloud era. Can this be used to check if a dongle key is working or not? Hi Son Nguyen I am using a aladdin knowledge hardlock usb 1. Taipei, Taiwan—Nov 23, —Synology Inc. Hardware security will not let you expand optional licences without first exchanging your old USB key for a higher capacity replacement. Both of these types of licence have their advantages and disadvantages.

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However, unlike with a hardware licence, you cannot simply remove a USB key from one computer and install it on another machine.

Enterprise system from unauthorized use, you may use the HASP4 Net network protection system 1c hasp the software licensing system. I have tried this on Windows 7 and Windows XP but the tool keeps reporting that no Hasp HL dongles are found in local, even though our software that uses the dongle shows as licensed already.

But if the license is received on a medium, the computer parameters, including the devices connected via USB and IEEEmust match when the license file is being created on the basis of the response from the licensing centre.

This can make a license 1c hasp unfit for use, as this constitutes a 1c hasp agreement violation. Leave a comment on GauravBhanot’s reply. Thank you so much!!!


Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services. Leave a comment on yu. The following types 1c hasp software licenses exist: Publish Back to edit Cancel.

HASP not found (-10) windows 2008 R2

The Russian Federal Tax Committee accepts electronic reports from 1C as the only standard, proving its leading position in Russia. I personally have never has; success with Windows Update, but this time, fortunately it worked. You can use the software licence on a computer during its whole lifespan.

Hqsp hsp Licensing 1c hasp does not match the entered license or owner data. Nevertheless, you have to reinstall the licence every time that the basic system software is updated, or computer components are replaced. Thanks for your query. To verify if the dongle is working: You should haep the process of creating registry file again.

Enterprise haps on the computer to which the license is attached. Of course, you get two alternative software licence PIN-codes in case your hardware breaks down or you need to carry out an upgrade. Taipei, Taiwan—Nov 23, —Synology Inc. Hi It was nice to see hadp effort.

Synology® Releases the New HASP Package for its DiskStation | Synology Inc.

Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic. Press Contact Media Contact Form. News and events Published: File mode of the infobase Client computer We recommend activating a single-user license using the This computer and All users of this computer options. This solution is essential for those users whose work computers have locked USB ports for safety reasons or do not have ports to spare due to connected external media. You can also use the below options to login.

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Enterprise server, 1 defined by the license agreements in place. Any act or omission by a reader of this site is at the sole risk of the reader, and SafeNet, Inc.

This licensing option is the simpliest, most convenient and does not cause any difficulties when installing 1C software in different virtual environments.

2e – Plug in Hasp Key

However, all users can always rely on our professional support. At that the users can both work in the local network or outside of it web clients and thin 1f connected to the infobase via a web server.

Both of these types of licence have their advantages and disadvantages.