When it installs, you will get two file not found errors. If this happens then I sugest removing all the “. I use the Windows drivers and have no problems. For some reason Microsoft: Just to note, this has been done on 2 PCs, both running XP pro. If you can’t find XP drivers than use drivers. User profile for user:

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Also, if you have it, are you able to switch between analogue and digital?

hammerhead FX Rumble to usb

Go into the control panel, select game controlers and open the hammerhead. F1 World Grand Prix was a bit fxx-usb sensitive as well, but the button setups were nice. If you go to thier site you will see that at least it says, WinXP drivers coming soon, now instead of “We have no plans for putting out drivers for WinXP” like it used to hehe The InterAct profiler adds yet another icon to your startup tray, and if you own multiple peripherals like I do, you’ll spend more time leering at it then you will actually tweaking the joystick to work with InterAct’s various peripherals.

I get the same reinstall issue with the thrustmaster dual force controller.

InterAct PC HammerHead FX – Lulays Joystick Review

For the driver reinstalling its self, it is strange I don’t have that problem Tal, don’t read this. In the past gamepads just haven’t been able to come close to moving out of their arena, but this gamepad functions very admirably in all categories – and I even used it as an aid in Photoshop, and it worked great! I like to think that I have fair artistic taste, and I really liked the styling and font graphics they used. I might just update to 1. They usaly always work due to the fact that XP was built off of Windows Select digital pad in the options to use both sets.


If this happens then I sugest removing all the “. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. As for the buttons, I prefer to use the top ones as R1-L2, the first two buttons on in each row as the buttons it makes them close eqivilents of the PSX onesand the last 1 in each row for start and select.

Hyperkin has recreated the original Xbox controller aka “Duke” as an officially Xbox-licensed controller, compatible with the Xbox One family of devices and Windows 10 PCs. It would be greatly appreciated.

Plug in the joystick. Thread starter gpw11 Start date Mar 11, Items must be received within 7 days of the RMA issue date.

And I really can’t wait for the drivers so I can test out the force feedback. My harware profile gave me this message:. By design the controller is packed, and the interface compliments the controller well.

The Hammer head rumbles great with epsxe. Most of today’s modern games do a pretty good job of allowing you to tweak your controller to your heart’s content, so more often then not you’ll be doing your control modifications in the game, anyway. Oh well, when you compute with Microsoft: Get the “beta” drivers from interacct’s site. I actually like the extra weight and size, especially after dealing for years with undersized, tiny, finger-mashing controllers.


And when I say options, I mean options. How’d you get the win2k drivers to work? The spec and requirements list, for those of who enjoy information popped out in little black dots, is:. With the world bowing to 3D, it’s about time that someone on the PC side of things put out a gamepad that provided the same analog options as our console cousins have had for years now.

Unplug the Hammerhead and the driver that dissapears is the one that needs to be replaced.

Maybe its due to the fact that I plug mine into my usb ports on my keyboard?!?!