It seems that the sound through the monitor abnormal heard as if in slower tempo. I bought the XFX rx … the apple logo loads and goes into black screen…Im using i cpu 3. Already have an account? All, I get is black screen though. Alpha — low resolution and only mirror! It works fine for 2 monitors, but not 3.

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How I get both monitors to work like in my Linux OS at about x- res?

How to install a ATI Radeon HD Video Card into MacOSX

It has been a real pain in my arse! Posted September 21, I tried this with a Vega Frontier Edition. Will report back later. In fact, I did a Final Cut edit using some MotionVFX templates and I was getting hackkintosh lockups and it took far too long to complete the edit because I had to reboot about fifteen times to finish. Please let me know!

The new cable will plug into the empty connector to provide two power cables to the new card. The issue was a bad motherboard pcie slot dead which I exchanged and got new. I have tried looking and can’t find any info on what to do to make this work.

OK, you made a believer out of me. I had issues on my legacy I and AMD I would appreaciate some help, because this is my LAST problem to get a fully working Yosemite problem – and this is the last reason why I can’t switch from my installed Leopard These kexts are loaded: So I wonder the problem may on the RX Use of this site constitutes acceptance haxkintosh our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


I read somewhere that with amd cards there is only black screen at booting.

Enable dual screen support on AMD Radeon under OS X | Vahan’s Blog

Nvidia framebuffer configuration is far superior to AMD and Intel. If it does should I follow these steps or any other guide is out there for the HD series gpus? You need to change your ig-platform-id to 0x or 0x This is my favorite Hackintosh site!

Card works great but there are a few issue: Alpha — low resolution and only mirror! I just tested it out and it will send a signal to both DVI ports on my Sapphirebut the DVI-D port isn’t presenting itself as dual-link and will only drive a 30″ Cinema Display at x; the sense ports are also incorrect because they’re both mapped to the DVI port so both ports detect active state by virtue of one being plugged in so if you disconnect one or both and plug them back in the displays and the windowserver get very confused — using just the Duckweed personality definition in Clover works the same way it used to; DVI-D works great but DVI is dead and HDMI is glitchy and causes stuttering of the UI when active occasionally.


Any one found a solution yet? I already installed as kexts lilu and green in the other folder. Then I follow this guide and do all steps Only in step Hackibtosh 4. This GPU will do the job better the Nvidia fo my needing?

Yes Automatically Adjust Brightness: I checked all the connections and nothing obvious seems to be wrong inside. Excerpt from my Clover config.

What exactly did you do? I have a Sapphire in my Hack. This sub is dedicated to legally obtained copies of OS X.

Enable dual screen support on AMD Radeon 6870 under OS X 10.8

But in this way, I run out of board acceleration and Final Cut X closes and email. Thank you for adding to the discussion. If you own an RX like me running High Sierra without hackinfosh fix may cause your hackintosh to have slow screen waking times and your mouse to freeze at random times while using it.