Listening on all network interfaces at port IPv6 dual-stack Plan to buy unlimited lic but seems to be early. Michael, i now try to do next. Hashing based on GSII Convenient means of distribution of protected applications on dongles with flash memory.

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Guardant II dongle

It enables you to distribute more than one license a dongle and further licensing within a local network for your clients. The micro dongle features a LED for indication of operating modes and protrudes from a computer by only 5mm when connected.

Guardant Code Flash The flagship of the network dongles line. NET applications so that the only computer where the dongle is plugged will run the guzrdant application for this dongle.

Guardant Stealth II

Why you need Guardant Time Guardant Time is a powerful and unique dongle that protects software from illegal copying and allows for very flexible and time-based licensing schemes.

A dongle for software licensing, protection, and distribution with Windows and Linux support. The highest degree of protection Moving executable useful custom code into a dongle makes the device and the gyardant a single entity, the hacking of which involves complexity and costs several hundred thousand dollars.


A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II dongle. You need activate support of JavaScript and Cookies in your browser. But my guess is that they have told the dongle only to respond to certain messages once and ignore any further requests. High-performance cross-platform USB dongle with asymmetric cryptography, hardware Guaedant implementation, and the ability to work without drivers.

Plan to buy unlimited lic but seems to be early.

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After all Guardant API allows developer to enhance protection quality and create his own unique mechanisms. Convenient development tools Guardant SDK is constantly being improved, including improvements made in response to incoming requests from clients. It is a trusted hardware platform that allows the user to execute arbitrary custom code within the dongle.

Hardware platform bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller. Secure remote memory update of the dongle is guarxant.

The dongle contains hardware-implemented digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curve cryptosystems and AES encryption. All the memory has hardware protection against invasion analysis. Connection 1 successfully removed reason: Hardware platform bit Guardatn microcontroller.

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Who is Guardant Stealth II for? Guardant SDK includes all the necessary tools and instructions to compile the code and load it into the dongle, together with examples of loadable code and samples of incorporation into a protected application. Tools for protection of Java applications.


Thanks again, we will guardan this feathure.

Guardant Sign Net A modern dongle for efficient protection and licensing of software running in computer networks. Need to bind Guardant device not smartcard-reader: Listening on all network interfaces at port IPv6 dual-stack Alternatively, one can set a firm date on which license deactivates. The natural flow of data is not constant but varied, so the algorithm of loadable code performs calculations using ever-changing data provided that the algorithm has been optimally chosen and correctly implemented.

The device is intended for licensing advanced software with time limits. Error A device attached to the system is not functioning. Functionality Loading and execution of up to 50 lines of code in C.