Sherrell Slider says her son, Fred Slider, was jailed illegally after he failed to pay fines to Sentinel Offender Services, a private probation company. Dozens of lawsuits have alleged these companies and the courts that contract with them are sending people to jail for nonpayment in violation of the constitutional right to due process. Jack Long in his law office in Augusta, Georgia. I will always remember the people who stood by me, prayed, advised, donated, canvassed, volunteered, encouraged, endorsed, called and texted. Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey. Misdemeanor probation is presented as a gentler sentence than jail. But many companies are still operating.

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Inanother one came up: We will restore Albany back to the “Good Life City” it once was, together. The Marshall Project reported that this is what ultimately drove the company to stop working in the state, although many of its contracts with smaller courts have simply been transferred to a smaller company called CSRA. Dougherty County will move forward and it will be because of the collective small few who are w But many companies are still operating. Much of his work is pro bono.

As we go, he talks continually, trying to persuade me of the problems with private probation. In Georgia alone, there are dozens of companies like Sentinel.

Georgiareaffirmed that judges cannot jail people for inability to pay.

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Misdemeanor probation is presented as a gentler sentence than jail. In other words, private probation is an expensive substitute for a payment plan. The fight against private probation continues to sberrell out shedrell case at a time.


And Long has another appeal pending in federal court, the 11th gsorgia — alleging private probation contracts in Brunswick, Georgia, amount to a violation of due process under the 14th Amendment and put a woman named Christina Brinson in jail just for being poor. Years later, Long won a modest settlement for McGee in a suit against Sentinel. Renaissance Art Cafe Art Gallery. If you live, work or have any other interest in Albany, GA, please assist us in completing this 5 minute survey below to share your thoughts about how to move Albany Forward!

There are papers everywhere, piled on the floors, the desk, inside closets, on every possible surface across two giant high-ceilinged office rooms.

Fred Slider spends almost all his time in his quiet businesss at the edge of Augusta, Georgia, with the shades down. Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.

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He fell deeper and deeper into debt until he ended up back in court in late over non-payment and a monitoring violation; Sentinel said the ankle monitor showed evidence of tampering, which Slider denies. Sherrell Byrd For Dougherty Co.

Long started representing Slider in earlywhen a friend of his alerted him to yet another sberrell of Sentinel helping send someone to jail in Augusta.


Long found McGee sitting in the local jail and got him released. Renaissance Connection Community Organization.

Sentinel was just supposed to make sure Slider paid his fines. The result is nothing short of a racket. Long ushers me from pile to pile, plucking up lawsuits and depositions and contracts, lists of services and fees.

The judge turned him over to a probation company called Sentinel Georgai Services.

He ate heartily, talked and laughed easily, and worked for decent money at a pawn shop. And for Fred Slider, the sherrrll system backfired. Jack Long in his law office in Augusta, Georgia. Welcome to Georgia, the epicenter of the private probation racket.

The institution of private probation has taken some hits — this year Augusta stopped using private probation and went back to a court-run system after a judge was persuaded of the problems with Sentinel and companies like it.

I will always remember the deafening silence of those who I thought would have been there, but were not. We will win the war against the racial divide, against businews, against mediocrity, against the corrupt politics that continues to plague our town. Sentinel, the company that put the ankle monitor on Slider, was founded in