A kernel patchset for this can be found here. Also note for x86 and AMD64 processors, the in-kernel nvidia framebuffer driver conflicts with the binary driver provided by nVidia. However, if you find a bootsplash theme you want to use with Fbsplash, you can use bootsplash2fbsplash thanks to Spock, splashutils includes this , which makes the conversion from bootsplash to Fbsplash format easy. I solved the issue by manually running:. Examples are temperature sensors, trackpad control, minor audio tweaks, USB IR receiver, keyboard backlight control. In the past this could be done by using resolution, but this is no option anymore. Here’s how I did it with the alsa-driver ebuild and portage:.

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You should install rEFIt or Bootcamp though; this will give your machine the ability to boot directly from a hard drive gengoo has a “legacy” BIOS partition table on it. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. In case you have the problem that sometimes your left channel goes crackling on high frequencies and makes listening to music a real pain there are some workarounds available which i heard off:.

problems with kernel upgrade – Intel i810 won’t start

The wife has her machine back and I can sleep tonight. MTRR is also explained there. Simply compile the kernel as shown below:. If you’re still having trouble make sure you’re running kernel 2. I don’t think you’re going to be able to use 3d functionality like OpenGL, though.


As of this writing the latest kernel tested is 2. An example can be found in the MacBook Configuration-Files. When installed run at the beggining of each X-session:. Initramfs initial ramfs is a chunk of code that unpacks the compressed cpio image midway through the kernel boot process. If you want to increase the scrollback buffer the default is 32K you should also add an option such as:. Although it is not a true 64 bit processor not IA microarchitecture it can process the 64bit instruction set and features the 64bit address register extensions and general purpose registers.

I in them and you in me. With this method the splash should be loaded just after the boot loader Grub, lilo, It must be enabled for boot splash graphics to work.

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I haven’t noticed a slow down or any other errors. Notice the new device’s name will be eth1 whereas with other drivers it is generally called “wlan0”.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. It will walk you through not only how to resize the Mac OS X partition, but also install a bootloader. Good digging around on your part! That page may assume that you’re using GCC version 4. Next prepare the splash cpio.


Any success in having TV-out working with the chip? Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Instead make sure you also include the sis framebuffer in your kernel and use the following line in your grub. Anyone know how to fix this? If you have X11 running during suspend, then the machine may also crash immediately after wakeup, if it wakes up at all.

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Eentually I just looked at the use flags for the xorg-server package and found the i isn’t there anymore so I tried the intel flag and now i180 works. If you’re having this problem, try the following kernel config instead:. Both a patch and a proposed ebuild can be found in gentoo bugzilla at here. In this case, the default theme is livecd While having a delay of seconds before the splash screen shows up is normal, having a 20 second delay is not.

It seems simple, but one goes a long way until finding the sanest X11 configuration, so here it is supports the new external Apple keyboards bentoo.