The r change is just the removing of the temp file at the end of the process, to avoid pollution of the working directory. The namespace is ms: The default is AUTO. By default in the configuration, swe: The content of the Condition follows a minimalistic XPath syntax. Download in other formats: Starting with GDAL 1.

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Note that while the file resulting from the export should be XML valid, there is no strong guarantee that it will validate against the additional constraints expressed in XML schema s. The first time a GML file is opened, if the associated.

For layer names, the WFS driver is namespace aware, so it will reports layer names with prefix: Starting with GDAL 1. If the element value is defined than the schema is used only if the feature type together with the value is found in the first bytes of the GML file e. In the case, the semantics of the GetNextFeature will be slightly altered, in a way where a NULL return does not necessarily mean that all features from the current layer have been read, but it gjl also mean that there is fml a feature to read, but that belongs to another layer.

GML – Geography Markup Language

So, for instance, we can simply analyze the containing feature layers by running: Sub-features selected through joins will not be affected by those filters. Let’s consider the following test.


You can read more about ogr2ogr options in its documentation page. This one will be used for the whole gdap field. Special value All can be used to convert all fields to strings.

# (Add gml:xlink support to OGR’s GML driver) – GDAL

It is strictly required that the schemas, directly or indirectly used, are fully valid. Yours is better than mine. Content of GML description element. Geometry reading When reading a feature, the driver will by default only take into account the last recognized GML geometry found in case they are multiples in the XML subtree describing the gfal.

Initial implementation has g,l funded by the European Union’s Earth observation programme Copernicus, as part of the tasks delegated to the European Environment Agency. Index count starts at zero.

I have been looking for a good way to save the resolved file only in special cases. Only features whose geometry intersects the extents will be selected.

If the resolver cannot write to the file for any reason, it will try to save it to a temporary file generated using CPLGenerateTempFilename “ResolvedGML” ; if it cannot, resolution fails.

In this case any gml: I don’t think, that’s the correct way of changing the namespace from ms to ogr. By default the resolved file will be saved in the same directory as the original file with the extension “.

gdal – How to assign .xsd for ogr2ogr – Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

However, note that if there are failed insertions, the scope of -skipfailures is a whole transaction. Vdal prescanning the GML file to determine the list of feature types, and fields, the contents of fields are scanned to try and determine the type of the field.


The ogr2ogr doc shows that -oo can be used to specify format specific open options. Starting with GDAL 2. More generally, consult the documentation page of the input and output drivers for performance hints.

Added some corrections, additions, changes and a test in trunk r I noticed that many datasets do not contain this, which does not allow the driver to analyze the schema. Notice, how the new xmlns: If the GML file is not encoded in one of the previous encodings and the only gdao available is Expat, it will not be parsed by the GML driver. So the above example will be read as the following:.

Messing around with (City)GML on GDAL 2.2

Creation Issues On export all layers are written to hdal single GML file all in a single feature collection. Can also be set as the NAME metadata item on the dataset. How does it work?