To zoom in on a page using the touchpad, simply place two fingers together on the touchpad and move them away from each other. Problem Possible Cause The display does not close. Page The fixed disk is not working or not configured properly. Here are hands-on impressions and benchmark scores for a few we didn’t get to. Some of these features are automatic and need no user intervention, such as those for the internal modem.

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Video Output Graphics Processor. Copyright and Trademark Information Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document; however, as ongoing development efforts are continually improving the capabilities of our products, we cannot guarantee fujirsu accuracy of the contents of this document.

Technology for transporting high bit-rate services over ordinary phone lines.

Click on Browse from Start Menu. User-installable Features Chapter 3 User-Installable Features Lithium ion Battery Your LifeBook notebook has a Lithium ion battery that provides power for operating your notebook when no external power source is available. Replacing The Battery With the purchase of an additional battery, you can have a fully charged spare to swap with one that is not charged. A form of memory in which information is stored by physically altering the material.


This window explains the installations which will be performed by the Click Me! The battery or batteries are low. This section provides some tips for looking after the notebook and its devices.

When you turn on your notebook for the first time, it will display a Fujitsu logo on the screen. The IEEE standard is easy to use, connect, and disconnect.

Fujitsu Lifebook S6520 User Manual

Align the connector with the port opening. Removing Media Push and release the eject button on the front of the optical drive. Fujitssu are hands-on impressions and benchmark scores for a few we didn’t get to.

Flexible Bay The flexible bay can accommodate any of the following modular devices.

Support & Downloads – FUJITSU Singapore

Problem Possible Cause The display does not close. Fujiysu, play and everything in between, it’s all better on a bigger screen with great tools to boost your experience. Infrastructure mode refers to a wireless network architecture in which devices communicate with wireless or wired network devices by communicating through an Access Point.

Lenovo’s top 2-in-1 perfected Lenovo’s top 2-in-1 perfected by Joshua Goldman. When logging into Windows with a fingerprint device, the fingerprint capture window will now appear next to the Windows Login screen.

Page 7 Navigating Using Gestures If the settings are OK and the message appears when you restart the system, there may be a serious fault which might cause you to lose data if you continue. This is assuming he is accessing those sites with the system onto which he enrolled his OmniPass user.


When you select devices from the Diagnosis window then click [Execute], several tests are performed on the selected components. These utilities are found in the Control Panel under Application Panel. This equipment may s66520 be modified, altered, or changed in any way without signed written permission from Fujitsu. This mode turns off the CPU, display, hard drive, and all other internal components except those necessary to maintain system memory and for restarting.

Internet experience easier and more pleasant. Zooming in with Touchpad Figure Straighten one side of a paper clip and push it gently into the hole. The touchpad allows you to use gestures to zoom in or out on a page or scroll quickly through large documents. Storing Your Lifebook Notebook Figure Page 83 Power down your notebook and replace the discharged battery with an additional fully-charged battery.

Software Microsoft Office Preloaded.