Address avg , bcr and rgrimes suggestions. Assuming you got the ports installed, installing this is easy: May 30 , So as long as VirtualBox can talk to the hardware, you’re OK. This revision now requires review to proceed.

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May 38: You are using VirtualBox, which is very rarely used in production environments, and even then not for very long since it’s wholly unsuited to the task.

In the past few years, virtualization has been the big topic everybody keeps talking about. Harbormaster completed remote builds in B Email Required, but never shown. Herald added a subscriber: Can virtii ask Jakub Klama to remove “All rights reserved” from these files, it is an obsolete convention from the Buenos Aires Convention ofit no longer has any legal effect in any jurisdiction as of Just to make sure I understand correctly, I can install the virtio drivers in the Windows Server guest without any special support at all or any modifications in the host vitio system?


Add virtio-scsi block storage backend support Closed Public. May 4 Sign up using Email and Password.

This got marked as done, but I still see Al Rights Reserved? Authored by araujo on May 37: I don’t get the -1 downvote as this question does involve server software, hardware, and virtualization.

frebesd No description of either the path or optional argument. I think it would be better to capitalize “scsi” here. May 39: The best way would be write something or start a campaign to ask everybody to remove that.

This interface is in no way “block” interface. Also fix the last bits in the manpage.

So it is not mandatory and people are still using that, for different reasons. May 30 Server Fault works best freebsx JavaScript enabled. Also not a fact that virtio-scsi will always be backed only by CTL. May 117: To use virtio, you need to choose the “virtio-net” controller in the VM config and have a virtio driver inside the VM.

⚙ D Add virtio-scsi block storage backend support

May 33: If everything looks fine, you should be able to reboot your system. I didn’t see you come to this revision and say the same: According to other this post, the network driver should work too though. The server is a FreeBSD 8. May blocm1: This is a rather terse man page update.


How to use Virtio on FreeBSD 8.2+

Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable. Post as a guest Name. I wonder if this can be made to work with pass devices.

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