Atlanta, GA Courses Played: And dont forget to put your contact info on every disc you want back. View and review over Disc Golf Courses! The Sociology of Disc Please read and respect our rules.

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Held in Huntington Beach, California. Most players also follow a loose code of courtesy dlying playing, which includes norms such as standing out of the sight line of the throwing player and avoiding making distracting noises. Discraft divides their drivers into 3 categories: I just got one. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

Any leopard thrown into a mph headwind will turn over, though.

[Drivers] What is your longest/ farthest flying disc as of July ? – Disc Golf Course Review

These techniques vary in effectiveness under different circumstances. Nothing wrong with that. Doubles play is a unique style of play that many local courses offer on a weekly basis.

Disc selection can help with that. I got my first ace with it.


All times are GMT What did I do instead? Stability is the measurement of a disc’s tendency to bank laterally during its flight. Right now the Mamba.


I know the “right” thing to do is to keep driving with a responsive mid that will show defects in my form, and I plan to continue doing so, but I also want a fun disc that will just fly nice and hopefully a little farther. Please try fying flair filters, search boxand FAQ first!

Views Read Edit View history. Thoughts on the Leopard, River, or any other disc that may be even better are welcome.

There is a wide variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: Clock a throw out of our hand with any disc and they all leave our hand at the same speed.

The degree to which a disc will fade depends on its pitch angle and design.

Nasty Nate Double Eagle Member. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. If you have disc golf questions, chances are they may have been asked before. Many courses are central organizing points golc local disc fafthest clubs, and some include shops selling disc golf equipment.


He started designing the target because he was tired of arguing over what counted as a scoring disc with his friends. In this format, teams of two golfers are determined. Send a private message to LADamon. Yes go with the Leopard or River.

New to the sport?

What disc can a beginner throw the farthest? : discgolf

On the course, it is a “best-disc” scramble, meaning both players throw their tee shot; and then decide which lie they would like to play. My Stalker was too overstable. As with traditional golfthere are many championship tournaments.

I second the Leopard and River. As a beginner who got a champ mamba pretty recently, this is absolutely true, it’s gklf great disc! I’ll have at least one of both in my bag probably forever.