Realtime clock and calendar on. To know what programs will be affected, you can click on Scan for affected programs. Keep in mind that if applications and emulators are what you want, you can always load them onto your cart by compiling them first, but they are not integrated into the software. EZF Advance has been developed based on experience on EZ, it is a completely new design, not compatible with EZ, it has many enhancement on details, so it made more perfect. Make your own romz. There is an installation.

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Some program files are missing to initiate the uninstallation.

ECube 1G GBA : EZF Advance

The software is nowhere near as stable, as simple, or as quick as the EZFA, but it does have a SMS function for the game saves, and it features 1 gigabit of space. Browsing around the official forum I found that many games have fallen victims to the white screen, however many ezzf them can be fixed by fiddling with the IGN properties, formatting the cart and re-burning, or downloading another dump of the game.

You can back up and write saves to your cart with the click of a button. Using rechagable Li-Ion battery for savegaemes ensures that you will never loose you game progress. advanxe

This is called “No Cart”. Most of the time, all files of a program cannot be completely uninstalled and removed from the computer.

EZF Advance Flash Card

With the future zip processing, it could be a big-volume U-Disk. Sure enough, the Nintendo logo appeared, but I was then greeted by a black screen. After reinstalling the program, try to uninstall adavnce again. The Client visually shows you how caboe space each game is taking with a blue bar at the bottom. However, this software does get your games from the computer to the cart slowly but surely except that one time when it froze on me and the cheat system is great.

Last Drivers  KOB 630E CUSI-FX DRIVER

How to uninstall dRhumba?

How to uninstall EZF Advance Cable n/a?

Compared to other flash cards. If the games are smaller you can store more. Instead, I got a cart with 1 gigabit of storage that was slow, had problems with running certain games, and had a very different software then the EZFA. When sending several images it is of course a good thing to have a menu ; It works but they should improve on it a bit because the ‘select arrow’ can be hard to control not fixed in 0.

No integrated applications and emulators, no background and folders, but made for easy GBA gaming.

Not like previous flash cart required you to erase all of the gba roms to be able to add new rom compilation. The design is easier and more attractive. I then tried them both on my EZ3 and Visual boy Advance, and the games worked fine on both.

EZF Advance Realtime

Start menu displays an alphabetical list of shortcuts to all acvance and apps installed on Windows systems. If you want Video Clips use the Movie player. I had no problems installing the drivers or getting my stuff to work but maybe it could be a good thing to include a small FAQ with the most common problems, just in case something isnt working.


Hardware saver support, perfect support for all kind of current and future saver types, and all games.

Hold Windows and R keys simultaneously on your keyboard to open Run. Included in the box are the EZFA cartridge mbit and mbit sizes available and the usb cable. It works just like WinAmp, you have a play list where you can select your ezv.

Testimonials I kept receiving errors when trying to uninstall my software and I could not find an effective way to remove it until I came to your website. This means that even if your cart’s battery runs dry, your saves xdvance not be deleted as they are stored in the SMS’ flash memory.

I don’t feel like having to screw around with the games to figure out why they aren’t working, I want to flash them and have them work right away, like they do with my other carts.

Hopefully this feature will be implemented soon. Adance spent about 45 minutes trying desperately to install the drivers. Play Emulators on GBA. Select a restore point that you want to restore and click Next to proceed.