The only “easy” way out might be to use and rescale the older BlueMarble watermap, that Jestr was also using. If I find some time, I’ll make optimized binary ‘nvcompress’ versions available here. Bye Fridger Tks Fridger, let’s hope! I don’t have a GTX so I can’t tell. I find this rather striking, of course. It seems as though they did away with some features. It only appears with the OpenGL 2.

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It only appears with the OpenGL 2. Anyway, getting rid of the appropriate header lines, trivially converts the texture files into bin format Bye Fridger.

Yet I can smoothly display a 16k.

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But Photoshow can save a png to ppm format, so I’ll make some try. Thank you for your help. Let’s wait and see. Hope to be able to obtain results. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. It converts up to including 16k texture files VERY quickly. I really must try to master these tools on the mac. Anyone else with the same problem? I doubt it, anyhow.


I don’t have a GTX so I can’t tell. I find this rather striking, of course. Then there is of course the BlueMarble next-to-Next Generation imaging, but here they use tiles and a different format. I’ve seen talk of using. I’m having provlems with the NVidia Control Panel with these drivers, it seems to flicker about every 30 seconds and any options I have changed but no applied will be reset, it is kind of annoying.

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That gives a much better, more sorage economic and thus more stable operation. Like the AA under the performance and 613.71 settings. My OGL2 window says: Perhaps they have an improved water texture somewhere.

Yes, this are definitely wrong water assignments in the BMNG watermap.

The main disadvantage is that unlike the F-TexTools the required converter programs usually give up on larger textures! Maybe it’s just something I’ve done wrong?

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I am also planning to buy a GTX so I still have AA settings. He usually responded pretty fast. Please let me know what’s going on after you found out! Usually, drivers smooth out gameplay and compatibility, instability egga a side effect is usually increased frames, even if very minor.


I don’t remember what was the OGL2 release used by my card, but probably an older one referred to the 2. Users browsing this forum: Bye Fridger Tks Fridger, let’s hope! Fixed some of the issues I had with the crysis beta on myand WIC also seems to run a bit better, the previous beta drivers evvga stuttering but svga overclocking from the control center, this fixed that but didnt really improve anything performance wise in any of the other games Ive tested.

Should I change to one of those? While looking at Japan with my new textures, I noticed some wierd looking “lighted ground”. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this rvga You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.