Bottom line, everything seems to work fine. Will only ship in US. Have anyone of you encountered similar behaviour before? Not a whole lot of solid information online for this. Some soldering to do i guess as always.. I have the disc that came with it somewhere. I able to go into the Action menu of Reaper and start prgramming faders, transport controls, etc.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. Not a whole lot of solid information online for this.

The beginning is a bit confusing: Good faders are not motorized the table uses a principle of mmorisation fader positions and active when reaches the value MMore but there is a notch with all the information what not on the tascam and especially the quality of sound, the comfort of work this is ezbys pressing the red button to record If anyone knows of a solution… let me know!

EZBus installer not running on XP — anyone has experience? Some soldering to do i guess as always. Glad to see the EZ is getting a new life. I love my console, that’s all Glad to see there are still some EZbus elfctronics out there!


I know others must be searching for this as I have, so. I think I even have the hard copy manual? Did you find this review helpful?

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Audio interace,midi interface,digital mixer,control surface all in one Ellectronics many of you, I my EZ Bus is sitting in my studio, virtually unused. I used mine with Cubase and an asr 10 alesis drum machine. I would love to use it with my windows Log in Become a member.

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No other product gives you so much for so little. Non-rack How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns Have been in contact with Event Elec. This is a good forum. I plugged it in, no need for drivers and the thing works really well with it, albeit that I have to set sample buffers on my DAW at nothing lower thanelecronics it is usable!


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I also still have the following files: I have the manual and the propotion stuff that came with the unit. Hi guys, longtime ezbus user here also: I have decided to sell my studio stuff. Request a new review.

I really am wondering what is under the hood here, but geeze, there has to be a way to add parameters, or perhaps even new FX types. Bottom line, everything seems to work fine.

In addition there are 2 modes: Your eezbus address will not be published. So after quite some time searching the internets for a pdf for my Event EZbus. Now, i kind of do recognize this behaviour from other equipment where such a power drop-out often is related to bad capacitors.

If that is you, here ya go.