More than one application type found for a license type in license type and apptype map table. Please change the write-protect settings on the tape and retry the job. Found unconfigured physical disks available for automatic disk group configuration. Web Pages are being exported as a PDF. Create Archive Group copy failed – A copy with the same name already exists. For more information about these tools, see Toolbox in the Exchange Server Help. Invalid information sent to the archive manager while closing the chunk on the media.

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Anti-spam updates will not be downloaded until this problem is fixed. Please call your vendor’s support hotline if the problem persists. The socket getsockname failed. Allow multiple streams within drive or mount point Enabled for Snap Backup. Some backup jobs are skipped because they are aged on destination copy msexchangw marked do not copy or backup jobs are not available on source copy. Right-click Command Prompt, and click Run as administrator.

System Messages, Event Strings and Error Codes

This may be caused if the Mailbox server is overloaded. There msexchaneg unknown type physical disks that are not supported for automatic disk group configuration. If you are trying to dissociate some users from this alert rule ,please don’t dissociate all users. Error updating Centera information in the database. Svent not Remove Path, Replication set: The indicated device requires reinitialization due to hardware errors.


Comments for event ID currently in the processing queue.

Event ID – 1017

Please check if the product’s services on the CommServe and on the CommClient are up. Failing to set security attributes for one or more files. One or more files needed for the restore already exists and the restore cannot continue. Import failed to restore DB for Media Locations. Ksexchange to get the archiving rules from the CommServe.

Some snap jobs are not picked for backup copy as the subclients for these jobs are missing. Dedupe Database Sync job will not start because the Dedupe Database for the active store is not corrupted.

Please check the network connectivity and verify this product’s Communications Service is running.

The mount path will be created under the root directory. The create file operation will fail with error error code.

Replication Paused for Source Path: Not an IT pro? Assuming groups may have been deleted. Network password does not match. Only Network browse is available for remote MediaAgents.


Unable to determine data pipe configuration. Archive index failed on MediaAgent – index files are missing, possibly due to a failover. Received an unexpected message from the CommServe. Run backup copy workflow job on storage policy otherwise old jobs will not be backup copied. Free up unused disk space or add disk storage. But new Access Path for Deduplication is disabled. Are you sure you want to use RSM to control this Library?

Please verify this service has been started on the CommServe. Use Master for Log Backup has been enabled.