The two main benefits are the increased throughput and lower CPU usage. Included VMware vSphere 6. Log in or sign up in seconds. Each virtual machine can have a maximum of four SCSI controllers. A technique for storage driver efficiency.

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You’ll need to proceed outside of business hours, as the steps require rebooting the VM several times. With the current version of ESXi 6.

Free Trial Zerto — Download Now! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You need to Power-off the VM to change existing controller type.

In this post we will discuss about the different type of scsi controllers that are available with VMware vSphere and when to use which type of controller. Obviously this is something I decided but at the end in my opinion it was the right decision as downtime to change a SCSI controller in a VM at the end is always cost.

Virtual Machine Disk Controller Configuration

Note that the VM is still running as I haven’t rebooted yet. I assume you have a traditional VM with a single virtual disk configured. This controller type is best suited for environment where there is a need for many additional disks and where performance is not a key factor.


When you create a virtual machine, the default hard disk is assigned to the default SCSI controller 0 at bus node 0: Let me explain what Ring Pages and Queue Depth really stands for as it often gets understood wrong.

VMware LSI SAS vs PVSCSI vs NVMe Controller Performance – Virtualization Howto

So far, Paolo Frigo lkgic 10 likes for this comment. The VSAN disk policy was the default. But, Imagine that you got an environment which has quite a few VMs like this. I retested the same size volume on a single disk and performance was exactly as it should be, so I have to believe there is in fact an issue with stripping across VSAN backed loigc.

After booting the VM you’ll see a dialog that a new driver was installed againand that a reboot is necessary.

Windows Server 2016 VM with a VMware Paravirtual SCSI controller

Now you can gracefully shut down the VM to make changes. If a group, drill down into Loogic in that domain, and find the users in the group, then get the samaccountname, givenname, and surname.

VMWare has gotten extremely popular lately and there are several aspiring software engineers looking to llogic this Domain. The OS already installed the drivers with the previous step.

This method still works if you have a Linux VM?

Last Drivers  AIC78U2 64 BIT DRIVER

How-to safely change from LSI logic SAS into VMware Paravirtual | ESX Virtualization

The important thing is that in this blog content written clearly and understandable. We will discuss following topics in this post: Has anyone noticed any benefits of using one over lso other?

I wrote a blog article in Oct on this same topic that is still frequently referenced today so I figure it was due for an update. VMware Workstation and other IT tutorials.

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Trending VMware Horizon 7. Randall Badilla February 12th, Hi: You have to be aware of the Location number when looking in Disk Management. I’m finishing my original script and working on others. Win the monthly 4sysops member prize for IT pros.

It will be accounted as part of the queueing delays in that case. So the latter is possible. This method is usually not recommended as we can easily modify the controller type from Web Client.